iPhone 11 trio and the Apple Watch 5 go on sale

20 September 2019
People have lined up in front of stores in anticipation of the start of sales at 8am local time.

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  • pajson89


  • Anonymous

they are all Apple workers

Vic , 20 Sep 2019Queueing for iPhone people should try the Hauwei phones the... moreBut the Huawei higher ups use iPhone
I wonder why it is?

  • Vic

Queueing for iPhone people should try the Hauwei phones they are far better

Is this still a thing..people are stupid lol

  • Anonymous

130 people in the queue in Ginza, Tokyo. If that's the level of interest in a country where iphones are popular then it's a D grade score for Apple!

Lol, waiting in lines. I've pre-ordered my Apple Watch 5 online and I'm picking it up in store after work. I'd NEVER wait in a frigging line for a disposable gadget lmao

...and I'm here just watching them!