Samsung’s Galaxy A70s support page goes live ahead of launch, specs revealed on TENAA

20 September 2019
The page went live in India, suggesting the launch might be happening very soon with a 4,400 mAh battery and 6.7-inch display.

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VRS, 21 Sep 2019galaxy A70S +SD 730G killer other wise SD 675 it's wrong w... moreTrue

galaxy A70S +SD 730G killer other wise SD 675 it's wrong way redmi K20 SD 730 22K
K20 pro SD 855 27K realme XT SD730 realme X SD712

to be honest reducing battery life is a dead breaker for me comparting 4500 mah A70 , camera doesnt since it isnt gonna be good anyway.... if a70s provided wireless charging and samsung dex.... would have be worth it .. and samsung should upgrade the clocktime of their processor or place with the 7th series of snapdragon chipset

No IP68 rating, no glass back and no buy with this huge budget.

Which Android version will it have straight out of the box?

  • Anonymous

I would like to see a galaxy A60s with a 6.2" amoled punch hole and 4000mah battery

SD 675 for 33K it's floop it's midrange chip same price like A70 28K it's just ok

  • Anonymous

Samsung should get the GPS fixed for A & M series phone, previously J series has really good GPS but same can't be said for current A & M series.

No mid range Samsung has bad GPS like that of China brand phone.

I really wish Samsung would experiment more with the A series. I wanna see camera focused devices, audio focused devices, something cool and good enough that a lot of people in the tech community could actually go for.