Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro comes with Snapdragon 855+, 45W charger in the box

24 September 2019
It has a 5G version that will be available end of next month.

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  • booldega

Yeah Mi 9 Pro 5G 855+ 45W 12/512GB but does it finally have USB 3 and video-out or still USB 2 ?

  • The guy

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019Does has x50 modem or x55 modem?Probably x55, in specks it says will support standalone mode along with NSA, x50 doesn't support SA so i guess it's x55

  • Blablabla

Random, 24 Sep 2019You are comparing a game oriented phone with generally expe... moreGaming phone or not its still the same for me so 4000 is much bigger than 6000 WOW what a good maths.

And some other company for double or even triple the price gives you oonly a 5W charger in the box in 2019 era.
This aint funny anymore.
I wonder why such a company exist and is widely suported by its custoemrs.

  • Anonymous

Just what people needed another Mi 9 4G phone, not that many changes from the previous Mi 9 that would make it worth buying if you already own the old model.

Shame Mi Mix 4 didn't get announced and 2k concept phone was.

Gusta, 25 Sep 2019I use 6GB Android phone with SD855, I don't feel the OS is ... moreI can agree if it's near stock vanilla UI. Custom UI? I'm not convinced.

  • raj

we want 108 MP Main Camera with 32 mp selfie

  • Sifu

Lstar4real, 24 Sep 2019Xiaomi should release 4g Version ....most Africa are not in... moreLMAO you made me laugh yes

  • Gusta

Zoran, 24 Sep 2019Don't be ignorant and underinformed. Mi9 has better battery... moreDon't be ignorant and underinformed. Mi9 Pro has thicker body (8.6mm) then s10+ (7.8mm) or note 10+ (7.9mm). It's not as slim as u think Mi 9 has (7.6mm).

  • Gusta

YUKI93, 24 Sep 2019Unlike iOS or Windows Phone, Android relies on Java and Jav... moreI use 6GB Android phone with SD855, I don't feel the OS is heavy. Yes 8GB is better in theory but I think 12GB is gimmick and makes the price increase. Next year the Android flagship will have 16GB of RAM and 2021 will have 24GB.. Lol

  • Nick

mi 9 pro vs k20 pro premium Other than a slightly better camera and faster charge any impactful improvements

  • Anonymous

Lstar4real, 24 Sep 2019Xiaomi should release 4g Version ....most Africa are not in... moreProbably a 4g version eventually, in a quiet soft launch. This is xiaomi we are talking about releasing a product for china.

Xiaomi should release 4g Version ....most Africa are not interested in 5G version....4g network haven't spread all over my country till now maybe by 2025 I will buy 5g Phone lol

  • NonverbalPanic

Zoran, 24 Sep 2019Don't be ignorant and underinformed. Mi9 has better battery... moreHave you checked that? I doubt, given the bigger size of the S10+ battery, Amoled screed and same chipset as MI9

  • NonverbalPanic

And still, no memory expansion slot...

Why do Chinese companies lie about everything to sell their devices?! Especially charging speed,this along with Huawei's 40w charging are all fake! They are actually no better than a usb power delivery 27w charge.Pls if you can't even afford thier flagships don't say otherwise buy them see for yourselfs. Seems only Sammy & Apple are power delivery equipped and have the actual speed according to the watt...30w wireless? Bollocks!

  • Ignorants' SLAYER

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019Yawn. Another boring Zaome smartphone. No real innovations,... moreFirst mobile ever to have wireless charging at 30 WATTS, faster than whatever you have in wireless or maybe even wired. 45 watt wired charger IN THE BOX (hi iPhone 11, Note10+).
If you want more innovation though, look no further than also Xiaomi's pure innovation of 180% screen to body ratio of the Mi Mix Alpha, ignotant.

  • Anonymous

Wonder if it has UFS 3.0?

Another proper flagship device from Xiaomi.They've upgraded Mi9 in a good way.Slightly more powerful CPU&GPU,more Ram,bigger battery and great charging options.It remains to be seen the upgrades on the camera,OIS would be great.And those prices,usual stuff from Xiaomi,'till Christmas that 12/256 GB version will be (well) under $500..hopefully.Great job,Xiaomi!

  • Anonymous

Shouldn't rush in about 5G as it's highly dependent on per country and regional rollout schedules. Malaysia for example aims for 2022 at the latest so let that sink in for a moment. Add another year for the whole infra + services to be stabilized (coverage + avg speeds), you get the idea.

So in short to us Malaysians, paying heftily for a 5G phone NOW are clearly a bad idea when it'll take about 4 years from now to even be able to sub for services. And that's a long enough time for more and more better competing 5G phones to get out and choose from.