Huawei claims it has already sold over a million Mate 30 phones

01 October 2019
That's Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro combined. Things peaked at 100,000 in a minute. As a reminder, these are available only in China right now.

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  • Anonymous

NotAnOpinion, 01 Oct 2019"There’s no way to verify the company’s claim" ACTUALLY!... moreLike Apple also full of lies? no innovation just add 1 camera lol

  • Black L

For China this is like a single street district ? :)))) 30 is notuch, but is not like even close to what will sell to the rest of the globe.

"There’s no way to verify the company’s claim"

ACTUALLY! Huawei is known for its lies. Why would a private company announce its sales numbers publicly?


This is hardly impressive news when they country it was founded in has a population of almost 1.5 billion and Google Play services doesn't come preloaded with the Chinese version of a smartphone.

A country's occupancy that is over a billion strong? Uhm... Why not more than just a million? Hmm...

  • Shaun

No surprise here. If the ban wouldn't happen, Huawei would crush Apple and Samsung sales.

  • 123

imagine the us-huawei ban goes down and mate30pro goes global full on
this will be lol sales :)
best 2019 phone!

Well no wonder compared to other brands huawei is the true king worth every penny.