Huawei claims it has already sold over a million Mate 30 phones

01 October 2019
That's Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro combined. Things peaked at 100,000 in a minute. As a reminder, these are available only in China right now.

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Kneight, 01 Oct 2019"HUAWEI Claims" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 joke of the yearWhy?

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Anonymous, 01 Oct 2019As if you're an important person in your country. If spying... moreEveryone is a very important person in their respective home country. Have some self-respect and not let them take your data.

I have no doubt the Mate 30 Pro will be a bigger hit in Europe if only Huawei would decrease the price lower than competitors.
I mean, just imagine this phone being sold 700 - 800 € in Europe on the first day it's available, even the biggest Samsung (or any other brand) fan will find it so so hard to resist such a phone.

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2019Of course we knew you will say that, as always coming from you.And i knew you will honor and ove me like that :-)

[deleted post]"i did not see any lies from them."
A blind Huawei troll does not see.
I posted about this last week and I'll paste it over.

For Richard Yu it was always a game. Huawei reeks of deception under his leadership. They're habitual liars.
I still remember years ago when P8 was their laughable "flagship" that Richard said during the press conference that "Our flagship is second to none." Anandtech reviewed that device back then, it was LAST PLACE by essentially every metric. When you have ZERO advantage the basic decency is to shut up, not lie through your teeth!!!
Then think of all their lies through the years, they ripped off Sony's Omnibalance and called it their own, they faked the most samples of all the smartphone manufacturers yet never apologized, they lied about inventing the notch (no patent!!) but not implementing it before Apple in fear of "bad reception", they lied about the GPU Turbo improvements exaggerating them 5-6x, they lied about Kirin 970 or was it 980 being superior to Apple's A chip that generation, they lied for two generations about 960fps slo-mo which was in fact interpolated from 480 and 240 fps, they faked the moon shot on P30P and this is just off the top of my head! The full list would be 3-4 times as long.
Along with the fact that they're the Party's pet yet they go around spreading lies about being a mere "private" company, controlled by employees (this latter part is also a lie as it was exposed that the company is controlled by a handful of people who employees have no right in electing), this is an utterly despicable company.

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CptPower, 01 Oct 2019Well no wonder compared to other brands huawei is the true ... moreOf course we knew you will say that, as always coming from you.

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Trade embargo still happening? Someone need to educate the Trump about benefits of free-market capitalism... V-V

So what?? Its dirt cheap in china.

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This will not sell anywhere else. Enjoy your "over a million sales" (if that's even true lel)

And apple sheep, don't butt in with your iphone crap. Apple is still crappiest crap. Soon, huawei will join you in the craphole

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Lewis, 01 Oct 2019I'd rather own a Mate 30 Pro than an iPhone 11 anyday. ... moreAs if you're an important person in your country. If spying is true its nothing to do with you.

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NotAnOpinion, 01 Oct 2019A country's occupancy that is over a billion strong? Uhm...... moreWorld has 7 billion people. Why only 180 million iphones/year.... Mmmmm hmmmm. You realize that they make a batch of x phones at a time and if they sell out they make another batch? and out of over a billion only 100-150 million can afford flagships anyways.

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Kneight, 01 Oct 2019"HUAWEI Claims" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 joke of the yearTBH last year's Joke of the Year was the best.
"US claims Huawei is spying"

[deleted post]2011 article... really?
Huawei has made a lot of lies and deceptive practices much more recently than almost a decade ago...

Besides that's irrelevant. The article talks about Apple store employees, not sales reports to shareholders.

vrvly, 01 Oct 2019Why not to boast about phone without google play store sell... morePhones in China were already being sold without Play Services anyway. Comments praising Huawei for that are pointless.

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I'd rather own a Mate 30 Pro than an iPhone 11 anyday.

Oh, and I'm neither Chinese or American. I don't buy the whole spying dilemma as we live in an age where your data gets harvested by anyone anyway and Snowden sure made it clear many years ago.

I'm just your average consumer who wants a flagship phone with *specific* high-performing features, namely long battery life and quick charging, a nice AMOLED screen, great, flexible cameras for caputing those key moments throughout all times of the day and of course, I definitely want my phone to look and feel like it's worth the amount I had paid for. Sadly, Apple can't cater towards most of my needs here so I'm sure many others wouldn't want to settle for less.

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"HUAWEI Claims" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 joke of the year

Why not to boast about phone without google play store selling like pancakes.

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iNeo S, 01 Oct 2019Apple is a publicly traded company so they do have to infor... moreWhen you dont live in North then maybe it has decent battery but well if you live in North and it's winter then you can use it only indoors as otherwise you can see how the batter y is ticking to empty in hours.

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2019Like Apple also full of lies? no innovation just add 1 camera lolApple is a publicly traded company so they do have to inform shareholders about sales.
Also having the best screen, for some the best camera set, most durability, most water resistance, the best battery life, their own OS and the best chipset on the market i think yes it's more than just one more camera.

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I thought since beginning there were no google play service in China right?