Huawei claims it has already sold over a million Mate 30 phones

01 October 2019
That's Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro combined. Things peaked at 100,000 in a minute. As a reminder, these are available only in China right now.

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  • HutHutHut

I want this phone too... Hell with Googles services... I've got other phones for that... this phone is just to show off and take mind blowing photos...

  • Pajson89

nothing new, i will buy it first day when it comes to eu

Considering China has like 1.4 billion citizens, selling just 1 million phones is not a very high number.

  • Hello

Stop with all the salty comments

  • Anonymous

Why bother and angry with this article. It's something that you can not prove it. If you don't like it, don't buy.
At the end of the day, we can see Huawei getting bigger or getting broke.

  • Anonymous

S Yu, 01 Oct 2019"i did not see any lies from them." A blind Huawei troll d... moreanother insecure apple fanboy, what lies is it proven or it's just a fake news most of the ads tells that kind of lie, how to become a fact try using one before you tell another fake news

  • Anonymous

NotAnOpinion, 01 Oct 2019A country's occupancy that is over a billion strong? Uhm...... moreFYI over a million after the announcement

  • Anonymous

NotAnOpinion, 01 Oct 2019"There’s no way to verify the company’s claim" ACTUALLY!... moretoo much salt, but it's not an issue for China because they have own store market on the first place and a real support to their own product

[deleted post]Not an credible article at all. Water-cooler nonsense.

  • CCE

Virtually sold!

All companies can say ANYTHING, it is very hard to prove or disprove such claims, but they all tell "how big their sales are" always, all the time

Alex 94, 01 Oct 2019Sure,Apple and Samsung telling the truth.. Huawei destroy t... moreRight

That line, if true, make fruit fans sweat.

In china is cheap that's why

NotAnOpinion, 01 Oct 2019"There’s no way to verify the company’s claim" ACTUALLY!... moreSure,Apple and Samsung telling the truth.. Huawei destroy them both on global market.

Over a million phones hmmmm, sounds crazy in such a big country, its not much.
Soon it will come to my country (Denmark Europe).
Huawei is very popular here, last year they took no. 2 position as the most popular phone brand.

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 01 Oct 2019Everyone is a very important person in their respective hom... moreAnd what are they going to do with your date of birth, place of birth, birthday, address, # of family members, name of your siblings, your religion, worst your motto in life or your gender? All of you are over reacting about spying. You all both need +20 IQ and common sense.

  • Anonymous

ProJames-CHM, 01 Oct 2019Phones in China were already being sold without Play Servic... moreyes, but they are still using android as their platform

  • Yee

I really want to see test their in house op system... fk google!