Sony Xperia 8 announced with 21:9 screen, Snapdragon 630 SoC and dual cameras

07 October 2019
Sony's latest midranger will likely remain exclusive to Japan.

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PoveaQ, 07 Oct 2019The Japanese love their thick bezels. I'm not Japanese, but I definitely like bezels. Notch is crap, and motorised or pop-out camera can lose its reliability in long term.

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    • Essen
    • P%h
    • 07 Oct 2019

    Surely, Sony Mobile has bigger things to worry about. But what are the successors to the Xperia 1, 5, 10, and now 8 going to be called? I do like their bezelled designs with 90 degree screen corners. But not sure of that 21:9 ratio.

      The Japanese love their thick bezels.

        Why does it cost so much with low specs

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          • fajitass
          • 3g5
          • 07 Oct 2019

          Please Sony stop making phone, pleassse

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            • Anonymous
            • vV5
            • 07 Oct 2019

            Japanese must be rich if Sony can price their midranger so high.

              i'm worried, they will be the next htc.

                Low spec, high price. That SONY kogo is really expensive.

                  Could atleast have crammed a Snapdragon 665 inside, if they were going for cheap. SD630 is oh-so-2017.

                  Bad choice.

                  Looks pretty though.

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                    • Alireza
                    • av$
                    • 07 Oct 2019

                    So ugly, A Loser

                      This phone is very pricey for the specs