Euro prices for the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro McLaren Edition leak

09 October 2019
The OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition will be the company's priciest phone yet.

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Kangal, 09 Oct 2019The Realme X2 Pro is slightly larger, has a slightly smalle... moreI dont take the phone with me when i go take a shower or bath. And for sure i dont go to swimming with my phone. And i have not seen this type of rain in my life in EU that will kill the phone with water damage. Not with my old dumb phones and not with any of my smartphones either. For me it's just a fancy gimmick and nothing more. The people who need it and are willing to pay 200-300 euro more, they need help from hospital or something, if they cant live without these features. I only see that these people live there full day in that phone screen, even when they take a shower they will take it with them.

CompactPhones5ever, 09 Oct 2019"Anyway, OnePlus 7T’s European price is set to be €590-600 ... moreThe Realme X2 Pro is slightly larger, has a slightly smaller display, lower resolution, less storage options, slower USB port, poorer update schedule/lifespan, less optimised camera, and likely no water resistance.

Despite these shortcomings, it manages to keep a decent price difference, so it's a good alternative from a value perspective. On top of this, it does get to keep the headphone jack and microSD slot. So yeah, there's not a shred of doubt that OnePlus has positioned its RRP prices too high (so I expect poorer sales and eventual discounts).

Remember, even Apple lowered its prices slightly this year despite an increase in the BoM.

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850 Euro.
Very Cheap and Affordable flagship from OnePlus.

"Anyway, OnePlus 7T’s European price is set to be €590-600 (...) OnePlus 7T Pro (will likely cost) €710 for the 6/128GB model and €830 for the 12/256GB one."

With Realme X2 likely costing under €400, I think we may officially declare OnePlus 7T /7T Pro clinically dead on arrival. Please, press F to pay respects to OnePlus.