Xiaomi rumored to bring back Mi Note line soon

11 October 2019
The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 might come as early as the end of the month.

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I like it, Mi Note 3 was an excellent device though it was not reviewed on GSMArena. I hope this will NOT be a typical 19.5:9 48/64MP device. rather it should be a productive device with innovation and new tech specs and 3:2 camera sensor, notch-less 18:9 screen etc

Is it right to call a Mi Note a flagship? I think it lines in the mid-range.

  • Orange97

This should be the phone that I'm dreaming about: A flagship similar to the vanilla Mi series, but with a jumbo screen.
Maybe if they get rid of those bezels completely, then this phone's screen size can even reach 7.0 inches.

Umm Mi Note 3 released 2 years ago...

So they went all the way to 10 from 3, that's a big jump and also might be confused with Samsung's Note 10.

Nevertheless, it's nice to see it return. I'd like to see a larger version of Mi 9.

  • Anonymous

What about Mi Max series