Pixel 4 and 4 XL go official with 90Hz OLED screens and new telephoto cameras

15 October 2019
The wide and tele cameras will be backed by new image processing hardware and software. An S855 chipset and a new Pixel core will do the processing.

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relatively same dimensions, better specs and equipment, at 6g/128g, 50 eur less... xperia 5 is a better deal than pixel 4. one down, waiting for nokia 9.1...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2019Why no SD card? Because you must pay $100 extra for 64GB... Wh... moreBecause Apple does not use either.
Pixel is made to be the android iphone

Nonsense phone.
Better to buy Nokia 7.2 or Motorla One Vision at 1/3rd price then wasting on this.. and change new phones every year.
Important is Android One, let upgrades comes 6 months late, updates are bit delayed but atleast they don't loot you.

Nothing but trash. Overly priced with little value for money and zilch substance!

Love the Community, 15 Oct 2019Lol that's a stretch. That doesn't look like the camera island H... moreThe notion that a camera group on a somewhat squareish(Apple's is not as square with notably more rounded corners) island, in a notably different location, with a notably different layout is a copy of the Huawei setup is a stretch to begin with. Apple's also had the hump-on-bump detail which turned out better than expected.
If two or three cameras don't matter, and four or five holes don't matter, whether they're on the sides or corners don't matter, then one camera on a squareish island also counts.

  • Anonymous

Please google make LG or any other companies build your phones.

  • Anonymous

Galaxy S2 look. U G L Y. ....

I also wonder why everyone come with camera style like mate20pro, its at least year old one.
The same for bezels, it feels like 2yr old then. Even punch hole / notch would be better.
There are already 1/2" size, using quad cameras, pop out ones, almost without bezels, all for about as much as you can afford to pay every half year.
Got to say using ''cheap'' phones is way more exciting, the only exciting flagships in that price are like rog2, mate30pro, mateX. Shame majority of crowd still act like sheep.

  • badguy

gohelvishalp, 15 Oct 2019Install gcam on 7t or pro and you have pixel 4lol you not

Love the Community, 15 Oct 2019It has an auto feature to bring it back to 60hz for anything use... moreThanks for the info.
I waste more time browsing and watching web content than playing...this phone is a game phone now? 2800 mAh is not good enough. At least apple learned that this year. I wished this phone was special..but it looks in all aspects 1 year behind all others. I can't justify 900$ on a camera app.
Guess I will go for iPhone 11 pro this year. I wanted a small phone and the only one I was hoping to beat the iPhone was pixel 4. Guess that didn't happen in any field. Regards Google see you next year.

I seriously think Google hardware department is not in touch with consumer demand. Something that ensures that Pixel series does not reach mainstream success.
Eg : Implementation of a radar system that is banned in half of the countries anyway, but people still have to pay for it.
I would much rather prefer a 3.5 mm jack or 256GB storage option.

  • fernando adrian

I miss so much Nexus :(

  • Anonymous

Why no SD card?
Because you must pay $100 extra for 64GB...
Why no 3.5mm because you must buy wireless earphones these times called "Buds" but actually they are BUTTS

Processing is surely important, but sensor seems to lag behind. Trying to bring new tech aside, old 12mp is boring already. Even if they could perform like mate30pro(kind of doubt), they still miss hi res, better zoom and superwide.
Not worth much per €. Prices went 4 digits but not everyone can excite accordingly.

The entire design is bleh.

Rear camera hump is an eyesore, it should have been embedded in the backplate. The top lip is a Slim Bezel that looks good, but is asymmetrical to the bottom, which feels odd. That aspect ratio is obnoxious. The slightly faster 90Hz display isn't a breakthrough, 120Hz is, so they should have waited for that instead. Not to mention the small batteries in both models.

Overall, this is a downgrade from the Pixel 3 and that was a questionable design to begin with. Google is basically copying their competitors but they aren't focusing on their own product, and it shows. Whoever is in charge of that division, they need to be fired immediately, and hire a proper lead creative, designer, and engineer.

Sorry Google, but Soli doesn't justify that price. Especially when battery capacity and storage options are lacking. $650 for 64 gig Pixel 4 is more appropriate.

Install gcam on 7t or pro and you have pixel 4

  • Anonymous

The most disappointing phone of 2019.
Who even bothers to consider a 750 Euro priced phone which comes with ONLY 2800mAh! And it lacks Fingerprint scanner and facial recognition at the same time! Not to mention the limited storage configurations of 64/128....

  • Kenshin1870

Realme announced for 400$ a 855 plus+90HZ+8GB+4000mah+supervooc
Pixel 4 Xl for 900$, 855 non plus+90HZ+6GB+3700mah.

So i buy 2 realme, for me and my wife, and still have 100$ off.

  • Mohsin

Much better to get a OnePlus 7T which costs much less than these pixels.