Here's a list of Xiaomi devices getting MIUI 11 Global Stable ROM, rollout begins October 22

16 October 2019
Xiaomi says the actual dates of rollout may vary depending on their testing plan.

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MrcoV, 11 Dec 2019Is "Redmi note 4" equal to "Redmi note 4x"?I think so

  • Hi

Hi is the update for the Droid 10 already available in the Philippines?

  • Anonymous

When Redmi k30 will have a Global stable rom?

  • MrcoV

Is "Redmi note 4" equal to "Redmi note 4x"?

  • Anonymous

When update will come for Redmi 4A

  • GozU

Received update on Poco F1, I DO NOT RECOMEND IT, it is very bugged specially split screen when apps go black until closed and bluetooh! (bluetooth randomly shows he wants to shutdown service and asks you ok or cancel almost every 5 minutes, there is no "dont show again option".... also, now when opening a dual app, it shows a launch screen that is booting a dual app... less 5 seconds of life when you open an app everytime... ALSO, miui 11 fonts are too big, it looks like a miui for people with bad sight like your grandmother... already reported but no feedback! also reported miui10 bugs and no reply. MIUI assistance is bullcrap--- stay on your miui version if everythings ok, or you will have to rollback like i did once, and now TWICE... thanks miui!

  • FlasH

Not received the update (Redmi note 5)

  • Anonymous

Update not received in Redmi Note 4

  • amit

not received update for redmi note 4

  • caleb

What about Mi 9T pro?

  • Venky

My note 7 received miui stable version. Its nice

  • Silvio Eduardo

My Mi 8 light has not received yet

  • highdiver

My MI Mix 2 just got the MIUI 11!

  • ZenKhaizu

My Redmi Note 7 havn't receive the MiUi 11 update.

  • Anonymous

Update this article. As Xiaomi updated the schedule.

  • Anonymous

taha, 22 Oct 2019i think there is someting wrong . we have mi max 2 , but mi... moreThe schedule has been updated. It's in the second phase.

  • akolakan

Why is there no Mi9 Lite on the list☻?

  • taha

i think there is someting wrong . we have mi max 2 , but mi max 3 is not available

  • s-pen pusher

Shanti Dope, 18 Oct 2019Okay, but I'd choose not to compare a budget $150 phone to ... moreour cases are entirely different indeed, with mine much worse. razer did not acknowledge the issue of freezing of half of the screen, and to have it repaired i am asked to ship it at my own cost to singapore as they do not have a service center here in the pihilippines (they have a service center here, but only to their other products). the issue with the dim screen and mediocre camera are entirely hardware so no update can fix it. i am not so sure with your redmi phone, but i just focused on what the razer phone 1 was good at and it was great enough for me as it was. i was able to fix the issue with the screen myself temporarily but it only lasted for a few weeks. for all these troubles, i did not bother to lodge a complaint nor troll the brand here at gsma; again, if it would make you feel any better, razer did know about this issue and have not even publicly acknowledged it. the only resolution we could get for the issues of the razer phone 1 was to move over to the razer phone 2. i realized that you are young and the problem with you, the younger generations, is that you feel so entitled. life is not fair so get over it. i'm not saying we should just be happy on what the oems shove at us, but you should realize as well the value proposition that xiaomi has long been offering in its devices. i myself previously hate xiaomi for being an apple copycat. as of now, they are the only oem that can cram flagship specs but ask for a third of flagship prices, and they earn my respect for that regardless of corners to be cut and the ads.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2019Is the MI 9 not getting the MIUI 11 update😱It will received miui11 k20 is Chinese version of mi 9t .. k20 is second to the list for phase 1