Google discontinues Daydream VR, Pixel 4 does not support it

16 October 2019
And neither will any new Androids - Google has stopped certifying new devices. It's all about AR now.

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Stondec100, 16 Oct 2019Those who invest in Google hardware will seldom be abandone... moreYou may wish to look up the definition of seldom

Vegetaholic, 16 Oct 2019VR is like million times more superior in experience than A... moreAR makes more sense on a phone. VR is awesome on a computer, where you can connect something like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, and have fun. Phones are mobile devices, and VR on the go doesn't make sense. Imagine putting on a VR headset on a busy street.

Well i didnt had this expensive gimmick anyway so i dont bother.

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Lol, AR is trash. Needs more processing power than VR and does way less. AR will NEVER take off, mostly because Microsoft bet on it. Most of anything that company bets, the reverse happens. They are a reverse prophet.

phone vr = 3d tv

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I remember android fanboys bragging how great VR is. How it will change the future. And that AR is a gimmick by Apple.

Now your master (Google) is crawling back to Apple, asking for forgiveness and chance to copy AR. LOL.

Sorry, Phone is a social (realism) product. Not a fantasy device. You need to Argment that Reality.. not create fake ones. Please leave VR to the PC.

  • Andrewtst

No surprise! Any 3D thing need glasses will dead.

VR is like million times more superior in experience than AR, problem is there is no proper headsets for comfort use. Once it will happen VR will skyrocket, because AR is complete useless gimmicks

  • V7machado

Oculus Quest runs at 72Hz actually.
I've got a Daydream and a Moto Z2 Force, besides an Oculus Rift and an Oculus Quest.
The Daydsream running on the Z2 Force actually surprised me. I used it as a portable and quick way to play VR. I played the game VR VR Reality all the way through on it, and it felt great. But now that I got a Quest, I don't feel the need for the Daydream anymore.. which runs on the same SoC as the Z2 Force btw (Snapdragon 835). It's better to drain my Quest battery than my phone's. The Quest improvements, like positional tracking, 2 touch controllers, the extra hertz and a better library made even my Rift gather dust (powered by a GeForce 1070 desktop PC).

Those who invest in Google hardware will seldom be abandoned by Google. If you don't enjoy being left in the lurch, then go for other OEMs

Well I never see the appeal of VR anyway. Good thing AR makes much more sense, just look at Google Lens for example. Now that's an AR implementation that I like the most.

The year is 2016, Facebook introduced their chatbots to the world. A few months before that Samsung did the same with its gear VR. Later that year we got "Project Ara" and "Daydream," Microsoft also introduced "surface Studio." Slowly a narrative began to take shape in some corners of tweeterverse, which made its way to the blogs, youtube and eventually the rest of the media picked up on it.

The narrative was this, the company in Cupertino was boring, not innovative and simply staring at the same fate as BB. That narrative went around for months and it costs said company a ton of money (in stocks valuation) while those who were championed as innovative were rewarded in the form of their stock prices going up. As a user of technology, I was mystified/puzzled by all this, I could not see it. "What is happening? why can't I see it? What am I missing?" I became frustrated by my inability to understand the herd.

Today, I decided to go back and review all those innovative products and ideas people and companies championed back then which affected company stocks in the billions. What I learned is simple and John Wooden said it best, "Never mistake activity for achievement."

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ProJames-CHM, 16 Oct 2019Oh no no no my dear friend. PR is here to stay. PR are ... moreThe bravest unconventional PR is done by Activision Blizzard about Diablo Immortal.

"Don't you guys have phones?"

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Ohh, come on. I'm looking at buying into it to do AR/MR/Cinema viewing and they cancel. They introduce half arsed stuff all the time and then let it limp up in quality or kill it. Phones have back cameras that can be used for AR, and front cameras that can be setup for eye control, and stuff, head phones, microphones can be built into it. That should have been introduced at the same time as cardboard, as an advanced version.

Smartphone-powered VR is a lame. I still have my second gen Samsung Gear VR stored somewhere. At the same time, Google gave up on their Daydream VR way too soon. They should've targeted AR like a decade ago after they bougnt WordLens. They have all the information to do it better than Apple. I remember the early AR apps being lame.

Sekai Camera (2008)

PulllShish, 16 Oct 2019So many hype about Daydream just falling down... moreOh no no no my dear friend. PR is here to stay.

PR are the rubbish, soul-less statements companies send publicly after they messed up really bad, with near to no information on the matter and an empty promise to do better next time. Fan favourites include "Facebook takes privacy very seriously..."

  • PulllShish

So many hype about Daydream just falling down!

Welcome to AR, next year what?! PR? and AR will be discontinued too! Too many "discovers" and so less optimizations. poor time for technology, all birth and all death soon.

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Google and Product cancellations

Name a more iconic duo