Samsung will fix the bug that lets unregistered fingerprints unlock the Galaxy S10

17 October 2019
The Korean giant has recommended customers to use only official screen protectors.

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  • Anonymous

mumbaikan, 17 Oct 2019Raear finger print scanners are much betterBetter because it’s ordinary fingerprint scanner that makes android phones looks ugly.

  • JNC947

I regret that I bought the S10 +, Samsung didnt properly worked this fingerprint out. It didnt occur to them that people want to take care of their phones the best way they can and buying tempered glass or UV glass for S10 doesent work properly. They should have fitted in the optical fingerprint cause it accepts prints even through the tempered glass.
I have installed on my S10+ UV glass and I am having troubles alot.
Would be good if they come up with good solution for that.

Makes you wonder though... is it just Sammy fricking up or is EVERYONE affected but still silent/doesn't care (good luck Oppo/Vivo users :P however much I'm shilling for their devices) Not the most ancient of techs after all so the zits may only be showin' up now :D

  • A50

Underdisplay finger print scanner whether it is optical or ultrasonic is simply garbage!!! why the heck it is needed? For just show off!!! My galaxy A50 is a device from 4 -5 years old technology cause I have to use password to unlock my phone. If I use Under display finger print scanner, I have to try 3 to 4 times to unlock my phone!!! This is disgusting. What is wrong with capacitive fingerprint scanner??? Is it not accurate and blazing fast??

Raear finger print scanners are much better

  • Anonymous

harcha, 17 Oct 2019LOL your precious 1K device beaten by an aftermarket scree... moreHerding the masses towards a official manufacturer products and services future by putting the blame on third party items/services.

Sounds like a plan.

Another Apple strategy copied by a competitor.

  • Anonymous

uk7866, 17 Oct 2019The original news did come from a trash tabloid nonetheless... moreWhich trash tabloid covered an actual bug and why are the rockstar mainstream journalists/reviewers silent on it?

Aftermarket phone case. lmao.

  • Hello to the left?

uk7866, 17 Oct 2019The original news did come from a trash tabloid nonetheless... moreNevertheless, it's always good to check a source, if they cry wolf all the time, well, that's a different issue. Don't be a communist, don't censor.

...I guess those who want to unlock it won't heed their advice.

  • harcha

chester, 17 Oct 2019Lol...back to good old passwordsLOL
your precious 1K device beaten by an aftermarket screen protector. reminds me of the iphone lightning fans...

The original news did come from a trash tabloid nonetheless thumbs up to Samsung for investigating!

  • Anonymous

If you buy Samsung phone forget about quality and stability.

Lol...back to good old passwords

  • Anonymous

When Nokia 9P had problems with on screen fingerprint sensor they were torn apart here from Nokia haters,and so much hate is said here.I expect that same guys to speak same for Samsung(if they dare).

  • Nayr12

They should have retained the iris scanner. Much better than face unlock