Flashback: the Nexus One fell victim to patents, component shortages and lack of  advertising

20 October 2019
At first it seemed that Google is worried it might scare away its Android partners if it made its own phone. It needn't have worried.

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  • Primark

I wonder how non native apps would run on this...

  • MotoX

August 2013, 21 Oct 2019My smartphone came out in August 2013. It was a flagship th... moreYou have a MotoX (first gen) right?

  • Anshul

Surprisingly I was remembering my Nexus 6 today morning, and thought how Google was killing at that time with those budget friendly flagships. Now they just become greedy and want to be like another Apple.

  • AnonD-763696

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2019Honestly, the Nexus One/HTC Desire was simply a joy to use.... more Pixel 4 has nothing to do with the iphone!! Is the iphone who's using face unlock which was first made by google in 2014 ; the iphone took night sight from google as well ; the iphone took the square camera from huawei. https://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_mate_20_pro-9343.php and this https://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_mate_20_x-9369.php Learn something before u talk.

  • August 2013

My smartphone came out in August 2013. It was a flagship that year, dual-core CPU, 720x1280 screen resolution, 4.7" screen size, microUSB charging port, and has a nano-SIM. It weighs only 129 grams. The ergonomics are even better than an iPhone 6 which didn't come out until September 2014.

Kingslayer, 21 Oct 2019Nexus One was actually the longest Android smartphone I hel... moreSo true,mate...
Had Nexus One for a short time,had to sell it and bought Xperia Z.Started to like it,but found a great deal on Xiaomi Mi3..Superior to Z in every department,apart from camera...most beloved phone I ever had...

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2019so in the very beginning religiously ,APPLE is much likely ... moreApple is the evil fruit that lead man astray., look how much they charge for repair's truelly EVIL!!!

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2019Google is snake, Apple is Holy Apple is evil!!! Says the bible.

  • Anonymous

Google make garbage phones and priced them very high. In this very very competitive market why anyone buy Google phones with such high price tags. Example: pixel 4 and xl

Nexus One was actually the longest Android smartphone I held onto (3 years) until my Xiaomi Mi 3 surpassed it which is going close to 5.5 years. My Mi 3 really held up well. Most Android smartphones with Snapdragon 800 or above hold up better than phones released before it.

Snapdragon 800/801 are still one of the best SoCs Qualcomm ever made. If you have a bare minimum Android 7 (Nougat), that should hold up well until 2022 (6th year anniversary). Honestly, the next great SoC Qualcomm made wasn't the 820/821 but the 835. Feels far more battery efficient like pumping from a SD600 to 800/801.

Software will make your device age. Some newer updates on apps won't run on older Android versions. It's difficult for me to use KitKat (2013) again because some apps require Lollipop or even Marshmallow to run. I'm trying to imagine using a smartphone for 10+ years. That's difficult with how apps and software updates works.

The nexus line should have stayed. It showed what android vanilla falvour can do and be affordable.

Never been a Nexus user, but I miss those phones. They were very competitively priced in contrary to the Pixels. And they sold so much better...

  • htc

had this one and the htc desire, both great phones. Desire had a slight edge though, i was completely blown away at the time. Only brand that nowadays seems to be pushing the envelope as much is Huawei..

  • nexus

I still have on in perfect working condition.. using CM firmware, otherwise no complaints. This was a groundbreaking phone

  • Anonymous

I wanted this, but google "hated" europe, so i had to get the htc desire, which was an awesome phone, and a nexus one in htc costume ;) Was glad i never jumped on the iphone wagon.

At first, I thought this was the Tmobile G1

  • bin79

I still have one of them here, but it's the only Android phone I still have that just won't work. It was terribly buggy. I spent on it what everybody thought was a significant amount of money back then (>200 €) because I was convinced its value would increase in time as a technological milestone... So naive.

So, basically touchscreen were terrible back in the old day. The era where touchscreen just rise. Lol.

  • Anonymous

The biggest drawback of the Nexus One was, the lack of AT&T model at launch. The top 2 carriers in the US are Verizon and AT&T. If you want people to know and buy your phone, you better make a deal with at least one of them. Google finally made an AT&T version, but that's quite late and the T-Mobile version always got updates first before the AT&T version..

Second drawback for users, the paltry 512MB internal storage. Yes, 512MB! It was alright at the beginning since you probably can survive with just the stock apps. But once you get a taste of the Play Store, installing more than a few apps is already impossible. This is the real problem of the phone, as it made it useless vary quickly.

  • BRZed

Cassia, 21 Oct 2019I had a "Desire" as my first android phone and loved it. S... moreMy first smartphone was the Desire S. What a phone! This was followed by:

HTC Incredible S
HTC One M7
HTC One M8

Truly missed HTC's glory days...