Flashback: the Nexus One fell victim to patents, component shortages and lack of  advertising

20 October 2019
At first it seemed that Google is worried it might scare away its Android partners if it made its own phone. It needn't have worried.

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Anonymous, 21 Oct 2019so in the very beginning religiously ,APPLE is much likely ... moreGoogle is snake, Apple is Holy

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Still had more features than ios 13

I had a "Desire" as my first android phone and loved it.
Still miss the optical trackball.
My friend had a N1 and it was never quite as good .. and yes the touchscreen went nuts then the power button broke

Weaknesses of the Nexus One -
Small internal storage.
Power button would wear out quickly.
Only had two-finger multi-touch.
Adreno 200 GPU was awful.
No front camera.
Battery life was generally 5 hrs SOT, tops.
Mine was stuck on Gingerbread and it had UI lag.

Strengths of the Nexus One -
Design and build quality.
Size ans feel was perfect. Similar to iPhone 2G but taller.
Trackball notification lights.
Removable battery and microSD card slot.
The camera wasn't that bad at all.

I don't really miss it. I honestly don't miss most phones released before 2016. They're too outdated for me. Just nostalgia to cover up their flaws. But I had some nice times with my first Android smartphone. I still have several photos of mine and it still looks good to me considering it turns 10 this January.

I do rank Nexus One among my Top 10 all-time favorites but probably in the lower half. The name Nexus One is also so cool to say. Cooler than saying HTC Passion..

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Anonymous, 21 Oct 2019so in the very beginning religiously ,APPLE is much likely ... moreActually google the snake.

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Honestly, the Nexus One/HTC Desire was simply a joy to use. I remember being blown away by how ahead of the game it was compared to all other smartphones at the time. Each iteration Google has come up with since has not given me the same feeling and the latest Pixel is so much like the iPhone now, I might as well just get a shitty iPhone. Google had the chance to really conquer the smartphone market, not just by sheer volume, but with quality.

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so in the very beginning religiously ,APPLE is much likely the snake while google and htc act as adam and eve.

My first Android smartphone. Had it from 2011-2014. Still one of the best Nexus designs ever. Loved the poach it came with.