HTC launches another blockchain phone - Exodus 1s

19 October 2019
It is a big hardware step down from the original, but also cheaper and capable of running an entire Bitcoin node.

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lol, HTC launches another blockchain phone cause they sold over 500 million units last year. Well played HTC and so long.

    Frustrated decision.. Lol. R.I.P HTC

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      • karl anal
      • 3LT
      • 21 Oct 2019

      Finally a smart move from htc and of course insiders saw this move coming.
      They are building on the fantastic success that they had with the exodus.
      I heard that they sold over 28 units of the exodus alone in the first week
      a gamechanger for htc.

        • 9
        • 9Peixes
        • B1w
        • 21 Oct 2019

        This got to be some kind of joke/prank.

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          • Anonymous
          • Nu7
          • 20 Oct 2019

          I think HTC should release the HTC m7 2019 the one I saw on YouTube to me thanks a perfect phone

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            • Anonymous
            • Le8
            • 20 Oct 2019

            Love the Community, 20 Oct 2019Isn't earning Bitcoins depends on how power hungry and powe... moreThis phone is the closest thing to a hardware wallet, not a miner.
            You get the added benefit of making payment verification faster by having an updated node on board.

            Still, with such hardware, it's more of a waste of time and money.

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              • Anonymous
              • n$V
              • 20 Oct 2019

              Well, for criminal activity such outside of network operation would be like gold coins from John Wick :-)

                • N
                • Noel
                • Tfj
                • 20 Oct 2019

                Boy o boy...HTC!!!!
                One would think that this company would've learned something by now.
                Even if it is a low end or cheap phone, why is HTC still clinging to large top n bottom bezels????? I can go on to add less RAM and less battery capacity but i am more focused on the bezels. Give it up HTC...u guys are almost drowning cuz of Huge bezels etc.

                  • D
                  • AnonD-874772
                  • Nue
                  • 20 Oct 2019

                  Outdated design and horrible's not worth it.

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • X%U
                    • 20 Oct 2019

                    This company has become a circus show if This is what they release when their mobile division is risking a full shutdown.

                    Goodbye HTC, you will not be missed.

                      • L
                      • Liv
                      • tuf
                      • 20 Oct 2019

                      I think it's totally nonsense from HTC for this model. Should concentrate on flagship model n innovation instead.

                        • 5
                        • 5tt
                        • X$t
                        • 20 Oct 2019

                        What with HTC and these shitty specs phone lately?

                          • L
                          • Love the Community
                          • Fv4
                          • 20 Oct 2019

                          Isn't earning Bitcoins depends on how power hungry and powerful the GPU *and CPU is. Snapdragon 435 will not earn you a single coin.

                            • A
                            • Abuscander
                            • 3YH
                            • 20 Oct 2019

                            HTC always think as pioneer, it the first introduce Blockchain phone. Full Stop.
                            I wish it can think little bit further.

                              Zero, 19 Oct 2019Exodus is dead. Thanks HTCHTC is dead. Thanks Exodus.

                                Seems, HTC will be history soon.

                                  Releasing these kinds of niche phones makes sense for behemoths like Samsung, Huawei, Apple, BBK electronics etc., who have all the money in the world to throw at problems and make them disappear, but even they don't do it.

                                  For a dying company operating in fully engaged crisis mode like HTC, only the mainstream phones at low prices, sold in volumes, could make a save. Not dangerous gambles like these.

                                  Come to think of it Sony and LG make better phones these days than HTC by any stretch of standards but still they are struggling, what made HTC think they can do a miracle with a 2014 phone with Android 8.1?

                                    RIP HTC.... Thanks for the memories.

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • ICd
                                      • 20 Oct 2019

                                      I've always liked HTC, and I know there's a lot of people who feel the same way. Its almost like they don't want to sell any phones. How many of these do they think they will sell? I would love to buy an HTC phone but I'm not buying one with a sd435

                                        I don't know much if anything at all about Bit coin but the little I know about cellphones tells me that users are attracted to phones by their specs first of all, even if they far exceed their needs, best examples being any flagships.

                                        That said releasing a phone that's 3 years outdated from the get go is simply a suicide regardless of if the Hardware is enough to handle its purpose. The phone will probably not be updated ever and that alone kills it