Qualcomm Snapdragon 735 specs pop up online

22 October 2019
Its fastest core will run at 2.36 GHz, to be made on the 7nm process.

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  • 12 Mar 2020

i expected this to come with redmi note 9 pro max

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    • 24 Oct 2019

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      M30s, 23 Oct 2019"The biggest impact/efficiency you will have is with a 1+7 ... moreYou don't need split-screen for multitasking. It can be achieved with an App running minimized, or having demanding background tasks running. And you're right that frequency difference is negligible.

      Here's why a 3+5 configuration is best balanced:

      A 0+8 configuration gives you maximum efficiency but the lowest performance. 1+7 configuration gives you very high efficiency and some performance. 2+6 gives high efficiency and decent performance. 3+5 gives grear performance and good performance. 4+4 gives great performance and decent efficiency. 5+3 gives great performance and low efficiency. 6+2 gives great performance and low efficiency. 7+1 gives great performance and very low efficiency. 8+0 gives maximum performance but lowest efficiency.

        Kangal, 23 Oct 2019Sure thing. For a single task, having a faster single thre... moreThank you

          To be honest SD735 will be even faster than SD845.
          Chances are really high this time.

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            • 23 Oct 2019

            Forget about minimum upgrades

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              • 23 Oct 2019

              Kangal, 23 Oct 2019Sure thing. For a single task, having a faster single thre... more"The biggest impact/efficiency you will have is with a 1+7 configuration"

              I think 2+6 is best approach. With bigger display and split screen feature. Many people are using 2 task in foreground simultaneously. Consider this also. And what does 0.04 GHz make difference in performance, I guess negligible.

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                • 23 Oct 2019

                Anonymous, 22 Oct 2019Qualcomm should focus on giving their Adreno GPUs a huge im... moreA gpu improvement would be welcome indeed. But, qualcomm being behind in gpu? Snapdragons lead not only android but all cellphone bionics by a considerable margin. Where bionics lead is in exchange with putting in more traansistors and spending more energy like in a12x. But this does not count. Even some adrenos , some generations behind are on par or leading the most recent apple's gpus.
                Snapdragons are nominally behind only in single-threaded loads in cpu. Which may be the objective truth, or seriously challenged. But since no-one is undertaking any tests to find out what mobile cpus can do under full and sustained loads , we will remain with this uncertainty.

                  IpsDisplay, 22 Oct 2019Can someone tell me if 1+1+6 is better CPU configuration fo... moreSure thing.
                  For a single task, having a faster single thread performance is much more impactful than having more threads. For instance, a 1x 4GHz Core is faster than a 2x 2GHz Core for running that task. However, computers, operating systems, and applications have become Dual-Threaded for around two decades now. Most things will benefit mostly from the single-thread performance, followed by the two-thread performance, followed by the four-thread performance, and lastly by any multithread performance.

                  Android as an OS was sloppy when it came to dual-thread behaviour pre-4.2 in 2012.
                  Improvements to make it more four-thread and multi-thread happy didn't become more optimised until Android 4.4. Despite this, there was another issue: multiple complexes. Samsung was the only one pushing the envelope here, but things didn't improve until there was much more optimisations coming directly from ARM, Qualcomm, and Google Pixel. Check the AOSP GitHub for more info. Essentially it was only in 2017 with Android 5.1 where big.LITTLE was behaving.

                  Despite all that, developers can be inexperienced, rushing, or simply lazy.
                  The biggest impact/efficiency you will have is with a 1+7 configuration. That's something like 1x Cortex A75 and 7x Cortex A55 (soon to be Cortex A78 and Cortex A58). However, you will often notice some sluggish behaviour. Stepping that up to a 2+6 configuration will solve almost all of that. And if you can spare some efficiency, you can completely eliminate that sluggishness with a 3+5 configuration. Why?
                  It's because the first two threads will become saturated with tasks to run for a demanding Application and a demanding OS task, and there will be a few extra tasks left over. It won't be enough to require four big cores, but three in almost all scenarios will be enough. That leaves the SoC with 5 little cores to run the less demanding or less important tasks. This 3+5 configuration will use slightly more power than a 2+6 configuration, but there's little to complain besides that. A 4+4 configuration will use even more power for no practical/real-world gains.

                  Until we get further improvements from ARM, Qualcomm, Google AOSP, and Android SDK... there won't be much need to go for a 4+4 configuration. Unless developers become much more skilled and have their Apps become better at multi-threading, and consumers start pushing their computing much harder by using multitasking more aggressively. I think it will happen, but its a gradual shift. And just like how it took 5 years (2007) to go from Single-core to Dual-core (2012), and how it took 5 years (2012) to go from Single-Complex to Dual-Complex (2017). I think it will take 5 years to go from Dual-Complex (2017) to proper Multi-threading (2022). I think its necessary for it to happen since we are at the end of Moore's Law (65nm, 45m, 32nm, 28nm, 20nm, 14nm, 10nm, 7nm, 5nm).

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                    • 23 Oct 2019

                    the question will the gpu reach at least 835 level? the 710 is around 810 - 820 level. The snapdragon 700 series is actually a downgraded 800 series , especially on the gpu part

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                      • 23 Oct 2019

                      Kirin 810 competitor. It's the best upper midrange SoC.

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                        • 22 Oct 2019

                        IpsDisplay, 22 Oct 2019Can someone tell me if 1+1+6 is better CPU configuration fo... more2+2+4 is the best config!

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                          • 22 Oct 2019

                          Qualcomm should focus on giving their Adreno GPUs a huge improvement! And I don't mean that we don't need any improvement on CPU side, no, we do...
                          But the GPU is the thing that sucks so bad in Android world, compared to iOS world.

                            One core at 2.36 Ghz and other at 2.32 Ghz...lol. I mean why bother running them at different speeds when 0.04 Ghz will have almost negligible impact on performance and heat.

                              Can someone tell me if 1+1+6 is better CPU configuration for Android?

                                MG7, 22 Oct 2019The gpu of Qualcomm are always much less under powered in m... moreThe price range of phones that carry them are also quite large though.
                                The most expensive SD730 phone is around $400 cheaper than a standard flagship phone (not taking into account some budget offerings like the K20 Pro).

                                Plus, if they lessen the gap of performance between their mid tier and high end GPUs, then it'd no longer make sense to get a flagship phone when a mid ranger would be more than powerful enough already for people's basic demands.

                                  Abhi-Darth-Plagueis, 22 Oct 2019Integrated 5G modem or not, I suppose, is the bigger questi... moreMaybe no, with separate modem has better thermal performance and think is cheaper due they can use the same modem for the 400 and 600 series.

                                    5g, 22 Oct 2019Qualcomm too slow to lauching snapdragon 865 (with integrat... moreWell, there is not much hurry, taking into account the thermal strangulation caused by the Modem 5G within the same silicon, we will have to wait a while for the processes to mature and ARM will give it native support to palliate.

                                      SDK, 22 Oct 2019I just don't understand why they hold back! Only 2 big core... moreKirin and Mediatek, have the same configuration in their 810 and G90T respectively.

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                                        • 22 Oct 2019

                                        Still using a Motorola phone with Snapdragon 410. Will buy new phone very soon with Snapdragon 660 or 710. MediaTek never again.