The all rounder - why the Galaxy Note10+ is the flagship to beat right now

27 October 2019
The Galaxy Note10+ stands head and shoulders, or at least in-display camera, above the rest!

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Samsung products have obscenely high fail rate and are utterly unreliable, regardless of their tendency to look flashy and be the best in everything on paper. Being best on paper doesn't really make you best IRL. You'll always find comments of Samsung users that are very happy with their phones for many years - they are just lucky that their product didn't arrive internally flawed from the factory, which is often not the case. Are you willing to take such a high risk gamble?

Totally Agreed it.
But is budget low then oneplus
Is Camera+ stock andtoid =pixel
And if you really feel premium with budget i think in 2019 the iPhone best choice
After all in blog about galaxy note 10+ is really flagship king smartphone for any Flagship user.

And in last the blog seem little permotion to boost Note series sale
May be $......
And otherwise
in 2019
The two phone deserve
Note 10 series
iPhone 11 Series

As per Budget and Customization of software in daily life.

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Note 9 was a workhorse powerhouse, this one? Not so. The termination of Linux on DeX will come back to bite them in the butt. The thing was used by everyone in my office (everybody gone and bought a note 9) because of how neat and useful it is/was. Having a whole PC in your pocket was unprecedented and very ... Note like. Killing it much how they killed the removable battery several years ago, makes this line so much less desirable, no matter how many bells and whistles it has. It's like the others just ... more, Linux on DeX was setting it apart (and the removable battery before it).

Samsung can seriously take over the market, they always have the best ideas but in a bid to let others compete they ax them and allow others to close the distance.

So yes, Note 10+ is the best phone but it is still ... just a phone so you won't lose by buying the others. Note 9 on the other hand... it will be remembered as the best workhorse in pocket form for ages to come...

Oh Samsung...

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This is not all arounder. Is the most expensive Android phone. So the price mark, which is very important for most people, is not thicked.

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[deleted post]I suspect so

  • Dometalican

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2019This article and its summary is simply true. It's easy to ... moreA minority huh? Everyone I know doesn't want the headphone jack gone. Don't think you speak for the majority bro.

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I kind of agree with the autor but he missed one important point... UPDATES. Thats the only Flaw with Samsung and why many people prefer Apple or oneplus..

In India, the Note 10+ is ~$1100 and the OP7 Pro is ~$700. If you consider the OP7T, the price goes down to ~$550. Heck, here even the base iPhone 11 doesn't make sense at ~$900 in comparison.

It makes much more sense to pick up the Note 9 (512GB) for ~$700, or even the S10 instead. IMO the Note 9 is the complete device, not the 10+. Also, most "conventional" people never use the features mentioned/advertised.

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This article and its summary is simply true.
It's easy to say that GN10+ and GS10+ are the most versatile, most complete phones without sacrificing anything.

(Only 3.5mm jackhead die-hard-lovers will complain. A minority.)

Make the same device with physical 5 row QWERTY slideout keyboard, put the 3.5mm jack, and it is beaten.

"If youโ€™re a diehard iPhone user, canโ€™t live without stock Android or have any other self-imposed limitations on your smartphone selection, you might as well exit now."
But as we all know, Fanboys would LOVE to critize the article!

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definetly a samsung lover wrothe this,for the most part of this short review is correct,except that high end samsung phones is not easy recognisable in my country,for around 800 and above euro most folks preffer to buy a good-old iphone without asking questions,if i offer them a samsung or anything else most answers is type of ,,oh,i cant work with android,iphones is the iphones,i will never spend a lot of money for android and so on

S10 plus is the best all around. Literally no compromises or missing FEATURES ๐Ÿ˜‰

ProJames-CHM, 27 Oct 2019The Note10+ has a lot and a lot packed inside. It's 2019's ... moreI have a Note9 as well. Zero compromises. Has it all. No regrets shedding 650 euro for it.

Amen to that!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

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Have it and... all I can say it's the best phone I've ever used. It's almost flawless, everything I want, it does. Looks better than any on the market, is easy to operate. Love it.

SpiritWolf, 27 Oct 2019Inferior main and tele cameras to P30Pro. Dunno about ultra... moreYeah, but you need to use the phone for other purposes. Having a great camera is not enough. Besides, the article talks about the best ALL-AROUNDER. Much to Huawei and Apple fans dismay, the article is right.

The Note10+ has a lot and a lot packed inside. It's 2019's best, but not the best. I'd still take a brand new Note9 (and I have one) than a Note10+. The Note9 lacked nothing 2018 had to offer and made absolutely no compromises whatsoever in the process, unlike the N10+.

While yes the Note 10+ have everything that we expect a flagship to have, it doesn't have any exclusive features of its own, that other phones lack.

Mate 30 Pro is more deserving of the title "flagship to beat" to be honest.

As a note 8 user...the only complain i have of note 10+ is no 3.5mm jack. Still the best phone of 2019