Ideal smartphone screen size is 4 - 4.5 inches, study shows

15 March, 2012
A recent study confirms that the most popular screen diagonal comes in at just above the 4-inch mark.

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  • tZ4
  • 07 Nov 2020

83662196, 02 Aug 2018My 4 inch iPhone SE is perfect for me, if I need a device w... moreNow in 2020 5' 5" are to small

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    • Time Clocks
    • j}@
    • 10 Sep 2020

    The companies that are making these cellphones should do a survey to find out from consumers what size they want the cellphone to be. Not everyone wants big cellphones or small cellphones. Let the consumers have some input about the cellphones because they are the ones buying the cellphones.

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      • YamYan
      • tJw
      • 06 Sep 2020

      Anonymous, 22 Jun 2020Please produce more 4.5 inch phone! I want to type single h... moreThe iPhone SE 2 is perfect then. The screen size is 4.7 inches.
      The removable battery is being done away with because it makes the phone less water and damage prooof

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        • Mak
        • J29
        • 29 Aug 2020

        DraventheRaven, 30 Nov 2019you see,i have pretty big hands and really big fingers. Rea... moreWe are talking about comfortable size of phone which can carry and catch easily in our hands. The size you mentioned looks like your taking about about something else...::: ha ha ha ha

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          • Adu
          • D0Y
          • 15 Aug 2020

          Anonymous, 11 Aug 2020Missing the old days when smartphones were designed for hum... moreLove those days when I don't carry bricks in my pocket

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            • Qch
            • 11 Aug 2020

            Missing the old days when smartphones were designed for human hands and not gorillas.

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              • 22 Jul 2020

              abdalla, 12 Dec 20174.7 inch is the best size in phone everHit the nail on the head large screens are great for watching movies if people want to watch TV that's what TVs are for and laptops never thought I would say it but prefer my iPhone se to my iPhone XS

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                • ucX
                • 22 Jun 2020

                Please produce more 4.5 inch phone! I want to type single handed! Please make plastic screen rather than glass screen! Don't want to break the screen! And please make removable battery! Thanks!!

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                  • n%r
                  • 23 Apr 2020

                  lol 2012, conclusion: some research is useless and becomes outdated real fast.

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                    • IrC
                    • 01 Dec 2019

                    Yeah, I must be an odd one out. My Note 10+'s screen is 6.8" and I think it's just a tad bit too small; about 7"-7.1" in its current form factor would be perfect for me.

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                      • DraventheRaven
                      • Ji$
                      • 30 Nov 2019

                      you see,i have pretty big hands and really big fingers. Really bad accuracy at typing and therefore messaging is difficult cos i broke my phone and am having to use and iphone 5 for the time being*. Getting a new phone and looking at the a70 with a 6.7" screen. Too big? I dont know, but i do know that anything below 5.6" is too small.

                      *on my laptop - thats why theres no spelling errors like usual

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                        • DkW
                        • 18 Nov 2019

                        5 inche mobile with good specs

                          My 4 inch iPhone SE is perfect for me, if I need a device with a more immersive display to watch a movie, I’ll use my 8 inch tablet. Case closed. There’s plenty of cheap tablets out there that can get the job done. There’s no need for these ridiculous 6 inch phones, absolutely none.

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                            • Snr
                            • NYs
                            • 22 May 2018


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                              • IL$
                              • 19 Apr 2018

                              5 inch

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                                • Anonymous
                                • I1@
                                • 23 Dec 2017

                                5.6" is ideal for myself personally.

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                                  • abdalla
                                  • NXU
                                  • 12 Dec 2017

                                  4.7 inch is the best size in phone ever

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                                    • Saurabh
                                    • ttc
                                    • 25 Oct 2017

                                    Ideal size would by 4.5 inches but won't mind going for 4.7, it's really a shame that all major players have stopped making phones of this size...Even in this age of full screen, bezelless phones, I would never want to have my screen size increased to above 4.7 inches, I really wish and hope that manufacturers realize this and start making phones and not some thing that's more of tablet and less of phone...

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                                      • arshad
                                      • X0R
                                      • 04 Oct 2017

                                      4.7 is best size like iPhone 8

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                                        • Popz
                                        • gCm
                                        • 13 Sep 2017

                                        iPhone SE size with narrow bezel