CR: Realme is the fastest-growing smartphone brand, ranks 7 in global shipments

28 October 2019
Realme's growth is impressive no matter how you look at it.

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  • 31 Oct 2019

aquinoe, 28 Oct 2019Exactly... nowadays it is easy to be well informed about ch... moreYeah. I think xiaomi will be a good company to buy a smart phone for our salary

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    • 29 Oct 2019

    But SAR value high P

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      • 29 Oct 2019

      sadh, 28 Oct 2019Realme, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus. BBK is the reall winner.You forgot IQOO brother. Tomorrow maybe Samsung and Huawei will flood the market by cheating such as create soooo many brand.. Lol BBK is not confident to fight with Samsung with only 1-2 brand.. 5 brand is too much.

        Anonymous, 28 Oct 2019Well, they sell nice phone with nice specs for nice prices.... moreIP rating is a sort of marketing game. And more companies decided to quit this game since last year as the Enclosure parties trying to charge higher testing fee but without a clear rating standard. And the wireless charging makes the cost getting higher. Meanwhile it will definitely thicken the body. My renoace is already a bit too thick.
        So as the cost and design consideration, those two things might not be available in the market right now. BTW no matter 50w or 65w fast charging, both make the wireless charging not that necessary.

          sadh, 28 Oct 2019Realme, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus. BBK is the reall winner.True! They are just like cell division. Maybe a new subsidiary will come up the next year.

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            • 28 Oct 2019

            Professional, 28 Oct 2019Dumb people always chose known brands.Other wise people dar... moreExactly... nowadays it is easy to be well informed about chinese brands: GSMarena is an example, how much focus they put nowadays into BBKs subbrands compared to just a few years ago?
            And also it is easier to buy from chinese online shops, that are now fully translated, admit Paypal and even ship from local warehouses.

            I remember to risk and buy, for the first time, a Xiaomi with no warranty in 2016. Since then I don't feel like I'm coming back to Samsungs, Sonys and the likes. Sincerely I even avoid to read the reviews from Samsung phones, because I know for sure them will not be comparable to what Xiaomi, Lenovo, Meizu ... can offer for the same price.

            Realme is a new player in the 'phone as a commodity' game. He will fight the crown to Xiaomi about best quality/price brand. And the king of that category will probably be the last standing player in such a market, as a recent list from Forbes suggests.

            I've had HTCs and Sonys of very bad durability. They were very careful purchases, which turned into big disappointments, as they tied me for two years to a phone company... and when the phones failed, before the end of contract, no one stood after the warranty. End of the story for me with well stablished companies and phones brands: me and my environment have good salaries but WE decided to go for 'low-cost' phones and carriers, because the big names sincerely do not make a difference.

            Besides that, brands like Oneplus and Xiaomis are much more 'avant-garde' than Samsung, Apple and Huawei, at the 250-450€ price bracket, the place where I can comfortably change of phone in a 2 year basis.

            For the customer, it is not a problem of affordability, but of resources allocation. Spending more money in a phone makes not a difference anymore, if you know what to buy and where to buy from....

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              • 28 Oct 2019

              [deleted post]Dumb people always chose known brands.Other wise people dare to change and chose other brands that have good reviews! And I do live in western europe! I know many people who came from Samsung or Apple and now have for example an Xiaomi.They literally say that they never want to go back,because they do know now they always paid too much for the TV brand....

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                • 28 Oct 2019

                [deleted post]Huawei is very popilar in western europe

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                  • 28 Oct 2019

                  [deleted post]Everybody buys those brands un Western Europe.

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                    • 28 Oct 2019

                    Well i still wonder what Samsung is ddoing on the first place.
                    When comes to smartphones ,inniovations, durability and the model like look of the phones Huawei is a very easy winner.
                    Xiaomi should be second followed by samsung then all others.
                    Wonder whats apple is doing on the third place.
                    Times when brand and company logo were the selling point are long time gone.
                    Now apart from selling super expensive devices they have nothng to impress,
                    Ifruit is no longer a status symbol.

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                      • 28 Oct 2019

                      How is Huawei still doing so well? thats impressive

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                        • 28 Oct 2019

                        Realme, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus.
                        BBK is the reall winner.

                          RealMe should also leverage Samsung 7 series chips for quicker 5G adoptions.

                          I mean if Vivo can, so can RealMe.

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                            • 28 Oct 2019

                            Affordable "Realme 5" Is Great Enough Too...I Love It

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                              • 28 Oct 2019

                              Well, they sell nice phone with nice specs for nice prices. Like Xiaomi. No wonder :-)

                              The only missing things when I look at their flagship phones: IP68 and wireless charging
                              But as Oppo's daughter, they only will get it when Oppo wants to make it happen. OnePlus has the same problem.

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                                • 28 Oct 2019

                                Greedy HMD should learn from Realme on how to capitalize.

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                                  • 28 Oct 2019

                                  Realme x2 pro is very appealing
                                  Even the budget realme 5 pro is good enough