LG smartphone sales down 25% in Q3 2019

30 October 2019
The decline is on a yearly basis, quarterly is only 5.6%.

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  • abc.to.xyz

HyperDrive, 01 Nov 2019LG, as a loyal LG customer I would recommend that you need ... moreV30 price is equal to s10 here. Don't know who's deciding pricing for that.

  • HyperDrive

LG, as a loyal LG customer I would recommend that you need to start a marketing your mobile devices more aggressively. LG is making excellent phones and could really give Samsung and Huawei a run for their money. I also would not only release the high end models (LG G8 and LG V50) in Korea and the United States only. I know this decision is as per your market response, but I do not see this as correct. Your business model by making only your G8S and G8X models available in countries like Europe and South Africa does not make sense. Of course the sales of LG will be dropping if for example a customer wants to upgrade to the LG G8 from the LG G6 but the G8 is not available but only the G8S. It would seem as if only Korea and the United States are now getting LG models with the high display PPI of over 500. So in conclusion, rethink your marketing strategy, be more aggressive in marketing LG mobile phones. Lastly, make your top end models available in smaller economies. I would hate not to see LG phones in the mobile phone space in the next 2 years. You can do it LG!!

  • Previous LG fan

When the world moved forward LG still is stuck in 2015, I had the first dual core phone in the world LG optimus 2x loved the phone, then had a Nexus 6P before coming back to LG on V20, I absolutely regretted buying V20, of course the Quad DAC was brilliant the dual screen gimmick was good till it wore off but beyond that I could see my friends use their phone without having to charge every 8 to 10 hours, they used to show what new updates brought them while I got an OS upgrade to Oreo after a year since Oreo was released and when Pie was being distributed. To make matters worse the upgrade to Oreo ruined the battery life further and would last for 5 hours max.
From the disappointment of LG V20 now I own a Huawei P30 pro I now experience first hand all that I have been missing since I bought V20, even the camera in V20 looks like its something from mid range phone, so thoroughly disappointed after the experience with V20.

LG should look at first forming an identity for itself.
Second LG should understand the market better and price their phones better instead of making the people who buy the phone as soon as it is released look dumb by lowering the price like crazy a month or two.
Third LG should come up with proper tested updates for their phones, infact the LG UI is so bad that they can save a lot of money by firing the software department and stick to stock Android and sell their phones as part of Android one program.

  • Maris

I am a for a long time fan of LG. I think it is the best in the budget phone range because it is durable, reliable, low in price and has the right performance vs price ratio. I am satisfied with the design and performance as well. At present I own LG K10 (2017).
I think that the poor economical results are because the fact that LG does not improve/update in terms of performance their budget phone lineup. The followers of my K10 in years 2018,2019 are in no aspect better. They even seem as copies of 2017 with only very minor changes in tecknology. And the prices because of this are even lower too. That is a shame. I think every new model in the lineup shall be an improvement.

  • User

LG V series and G series phones are very good ( best). better than other android branded phones.

LG... Lousy update supports. Mediocre cameras. And their phones lags over time....

If LG would finally get around to investing in rolling out updates faster, they'd have more sales. I've noticed that I'm far from the only one that has criticized the brand for their poor customer support. Honestly, the V30S hardware was pretty amazing for the price I paid, but the support from LG has been gawd awful!

Nothing to impress just a lousy updates, poor quality and super pricey.

  • Anonymous

Lg follow another path and stop copying others. Samsung and chinese manufactures offer the same with you at lower price of with better service. make unique products again. Example is continue keeping 3.5 jack when all the others abandon it, keep fm radio on low price models, bring back again removable battery, increase warranty so people to stop the joke about bootloop

  • Herry

I think that is normal... Because LG is not care about his customer at some countries.. His not give update, bad aftersales services, and bad service center..
Who can change bad LG Performance?

  • Anonymous

bad software and updates

  • Anonymous

Pointless to have the mobile division when it is bleeding out the company profit.
Shut it down and use the money for other innovations under other divisions.

  • Xhxhyy

LG G8 THINQ is masterpiece in design. But no advertising? Come on. For a phone that cost 700$, the software at least on par with ONE-PLUS OXYGEN OS. Below that, you'll be blown by the likes of XIAOMI.

  • ThinQ

No wonder their sales are declining, with horrible security updates and software support. You deserve it LG they will the next HTC

Good Luck

Fact of the matter is Samsung, Huawei and Apple make better phones....

Just sell phones for even less than Xiaomi and watch your phones sell like HOTCAKES!

They have a Snapdragon 855 phone for under $400, how hard can it be?!

  • coyz

Release more options for customers from low, mid, and high-end phones to cater more and wider clients...and never compromise your identity by copying other designs.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2019Genuinely, I read no end of tech sites, can't even tell you... moreV30

  • Anonymous

Genuinely, I read no end of tech sites, can't even tell you for certain what they released this year. Possibly a G8 Thinq? Genuinely am not 100% on what their offerings have been. Can't even remember if the deplorable battery size was this year, last year or both. B30 was gorgeous, but flawed, and since then, they've not done a lot to fix the flaws.

  • Anonymous

High prices and horrible support with no updates. Even OnePlus can give you three year of updates.