LG smartphone sales down 25% in Q3 2019

30 October 2019
The decline is on a yearly basis, quarterly is only 5.6%.

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  • Anonymous

ben, 30 Oct 2019It's continues chain of bad and stubborn decisions, shallow... moreWow, that's good.

I do not even know which the flagship is from their model numbering scheme, and they produce a confusing range of low and mid ends pelted with poor performing video camera performance. You don't know what you are buying without research. Quality, is knowing that what ever price of model you buy, you should at least get good quality for that price level, if not better.

  • Anonymous

I'll tell you reasons. Too many lack lustre phones and not enough Oomph!

They should have extended their video features and had provideo shooting by now, and have the most advanced shooting mode (slow mode and 8k 24/25/30/50/60 fps with 12 bit+ 4:2:2, rec2020 HDR 200mb/s+ h264/h265 in 4k) focusing complete fine internal and external manual control and recording. They should pack in something like vizzygig and filmic pro. That would be a flagship video camera phone. There are a lot of compression codecs to look at, like Braw, Prores, Prores Raw, CDNG containerised into it's own linear virtual disk space to make it easier to work with. But none of the major players, or Google have done that, and upcoming brands just pick off the easy low hanging fruit leaving the name brands looking less. They could at least have tried to be first with Light brand like multi-piont computation video module, instead of Xiaomi (a guess).

  • Anonymous

james, 30 Oct 2019I would love to experience their Quad DAC and hi res audio.... moreI own the G7 Fit, which is basically the same with the exception of the SD821 as opposed to the newer CPU and let me tell ya I love it. From the audio quality (I use a pair of Sony 1AM2's) to the incredible screen to the excellent build. Worth every penny.

  • hey

Lg design a good midranger. Cause i like your Android skin

  • Anonymous

Not surprising coming from the free fruitlooping company.

ben, 30 Oct 2019It's continues chain of bad and stubborn decisions, shallow... moreAgreed. Looks like all the top heads in the company's division is as stubborn as a vibranium, it's not difficult to see how stupid their pricing strategy is. Launching with extremely high price only to get it down to 50% or so in 3-6 months?

"The company hopes it can sell more of the new LG G8X ThinQ with its revamped Dual Screen."

Let me get this straight : the company pins it's hope on a Galaxy Fold wannabe?

LG needs to get his house in order and fire the marketing managers. Strengthen their supply chains and after sales support. If nothing else than atleast attract developers by allowing easy bootloader unlocks and stuff, the same way Asus went with its Zenphone 6z. I'm sure a whole hell of a lot of developers would still be intrigued by that Quad DAC.

  • Anonymous

Marketing expenses..? For LG..?

  • Anonymous

Imagine if those guys from LG knew how to beat the competition

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Just beat Xiaomi at their own game by being more competitive priced? Reduce update cycles on phones to cut costs? I dunno anything?! O3O

They should start seeing themselves on the same level as Xiaomi or Oppo. Don't even bother with flagship. Release a very affordable 5G midranger, dear LG. They have the tech. Don't innovate weird features nobody ask for. Follow the trend at least. Straying too far from the norm will turn them into HTC.

  • Anonymous

They should focus on making good midrange phones.

  • james

I would love to experience their Quad DAC and hi res audio. Hope to have the G7 soon.

  • ben

g3rm, 30 Oct 2019This. I would also add poor after-sales support and then w... moreThis. They after sale service is horrible so the software support.

  • Anonymous

This is obvious for a company who doesn't provide good after sales support to it's mobiles.
LG is always the last to push security and OS updates.
Second thing is battery. They don't understand the market necessity and will manufacture phones with less capacity batteries.

  • 124C4+1

I wanted to buy a V35+ but they were exclusive to AT&T and even if it was unlocked it couldn't use wifi calling and other features nor be updated to Pie. Now that the phone is down to $300 no one wants to buy them. Those Korean execs should shave their heads then resign in shame.

  • Anonymous

LG need new marketing managers! Need Better update! And new design with Better Price.

Lg will close their smartphone department very soon... They don't deserve better with their high prices.

  • Raky

They need to figure out that LG's products are not Apple/Samsung's competitors, but Xiaomi's, OPPO 's an set up prices according to that, and maybe they could gain some market share back...but I could be just a little to late

  • g3rm

ben, 30 Oct 2019It's continues chain of bad and stubborn decisions, shallow... moreThis.
I would also add poor after-sales support and then we have a recipe for disaster.