Motorola razr 2019 appears in new official looking images

31 October 2019
Our best look yet at the upcoming Moto razr.

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  • Anonymous

$1500???? r u seriooouuussssssss???????

I'll buy it as a collectors item in a few years when the price drops

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2019I can buy a solid 15 years old used car for $1500, phone ma... moreNot my car.

  • Truth

Give this phone without notch and compromise on fm,sd, and 3.5mm. Please 😪😫

Pricey for $1,500. Unless there's a Razor inside so I can shave everyday without blade replacement.

V3 was feeling in 2005 time, those who are making fun of RAZR design are proper toddlers who has no idea about Moto phones of early 2000s

SNA1970, 01 Nov 2019wrong. if you know the cost of manufacturing you will never... moresure, because all those guys working on factory assembly, R&D, marketing, accounting, distribution, even the CEO are all slaves

there is no gap on the hinge
something Samsung can learn

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2019$1500? why botherTo fold on people

Luxor, 01 Nov 2019If people only pay material price for every single item the... more$300 to $1500 is NOT acceptable stop defending anything they put in your face.

if the cost is $300 , then $900 is acceptable at maximum , anything more than that is overpricing.

and I studied Economy at the university and I know what I am talking about

The next big thing in smartphones is the implementation of 5G. People will want to actually throw their old devices away and open their wallets up for 5G and what it will bring. Not some folding phone concept from the 90s.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2019Is a car still a car with the doors open? Genuine questionAn open door does not prevent a car from transporting people. A closed "new RAZR" can not be used as a traditional mobile phone until you open it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2019Yes, you're right, it is not a phone-tablet, it is a phone-... moreIt's not a smartwatch when folded because you can't glance at it; it's tucked away in your pocket/purse. Even if they released a wrist or forearm strap for it, it looks thick enough that I doubt any significant number of people would wear it that way.

  • Anonymous

$1500? why bother

Why the trouble

  • coyz

If the specs are true, forget of selling Moto! Can you not think of a much better design and futuristic specs than lagging behind the current trend??? That is why, you and Nokia got bankrupt due to your Lazy mentality!

  • Dfg

$1500 for a 2730mAh battery and Snapdragon 710.

I'd rather buy a 2005 old busted Razr for 50 bucks.

I am eagerly waiting to try. It is stunning. It it was Samsung, i would have definitely bought one.

SNA1970, 01 Nov 2019wrong. if you know the cost of manufacturing you will never... moreIf people only pay material price for every single item they buy then the world economy will crumble immediately. You won't get paid either.

  • Anonymous

Motor did a good job keeping the razr aesthetics, waiting for the official specsheet.