Huawei MatePad Pro leaks with slim bezels, punch-hole camera, stylus

31 October 2019
It looks like it wants to compete with Apple's iPad Pro.

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Shanti Dope, 01 Nov 20191 - Things like iMovie, Photoshop CC (works almost similar ... moreIf I want productivity, I'll buy a surface pro instead of a limited iPad OS.

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2019useless comment. you don't give even a single example of fe... more1 - Things like iMovie, Photoshop CC (works almost similar to Windows), Filmora (not the Go version), and so many more editing apps that tablets are best to be used for, all work flawlessly on iPads. On the other hand, I couldn't recall any memorable app on Android tablets that gained people's attention and gave enough reason to use one. Well, given their mediocre specs, it's safe to say they're not even that capable in the first place. If Google saw a good potential on Android tablets, then they'd be developing the proper OS for them 'til date.
The only Android tablet lineup that ever came close to iPads is the Sony Xperia Tab line, and that's because their hardware matched their Xperia Z counterpart, which is flagship grade, which made sense to compare it to iPads, but even with that, Android's sucky OS lacked enough good apps to make great use of the hardware, so in the end, they still lost to iPads due to their lack of capabilities.

2 - Because that's the main point of iPads - to be a great PC/laptop replacement, since they carry nearly the same level of functionality while still being more portable.
Sure, they could've made things easier, but I have an iPad Air 2 and transferring files to PC wasn't as hard as you're trying to make it seem.
On one hand, I could forgive a slightly more difficult way of transferring files to a different platform, since there are many easy workarounds for them lile ShareIt. On the other hand, the lack of enough functionality for Android tablets, as well as their insufficient power to handle heavy tasks, which are supposed to be performed on tablets, simply can't be overlooked by anyone that's looking for a true powerhouse tab.
Apple wouldn't be successful with their iPad lineup if they didn't meet people's needs and expectations.
iPads are basically iPhones with more functionalities.

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Shanti Dope, 01 Nov 2019Either you put inexistent bezels and have a punch hole came... moreuseless comment. you don't give even a single example of feature that work on ipad but don't on android. on the other hand even transferring files from your pc to ipad is complicated

My last tablet was the Galaxy Tab S2 (SD652), but I sold it when I bought my Note9. With so many big-screened phones, it's kind of pointless to have a tablet, except for media consumption and productivity, and I can do both things with my phone.

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Being first in punch holes for tablet is really something!
I mean, those bezels should be wider than any notch on a phone, yet they chose to ruin the screen!

It’s almost 2020
And people still debating who is copying whom
Let them copy, let them steal
So I get the best product

Nick Tagataka, 01 Nov 2019You can say literally the same thing for all the Surface Pr... moreOkay, I get your point but Microsoft and Samsung have their unique styluses too. It's clear that Huawei is aiming to rip off Apple. They have always been like that. Look at the Matebooks, Mi Notebooks, etc. Those are just clones. Xiaomi makes them cheap and Huawei makes them just as expensive as Macbooks.
Samsung has also done in the past but they don't do blatant rip-offs now. It's time for these brands to grow up and do their own designs at the very least. I can understand trying to follow in the technological department but don't just ripoff everything.

no hole.

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Surfer, 01 Nov 2019This device shouldn't get into the market it's really embar... moreLol try to handle your xps 2 in 1 with one hand when lie on your bed
Don't compare a tablet with a pc (even a 2 in 1 device) it's not the same thing

Sonu4678, 01 Nov 2019What I meant to say that non-Chinese OEMs don't rip the who... moreYou can say literally the same thing for all the Surface Pro-esque hybrid 2-in-1s produced by lenovo, HP, Acer etc. Products like this is mainly there for lightweight productivity and they tend to look very similar because they all serve for similar purposes, especially for the shape of their accessories.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous321, 01 Nov 2019Doesn't matter how high end is this tablet, still destroyed... moreI dunno on a tablet I do not need Google as much as I would on a phone... This might be the best solution for future products! :D

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

JohnnyBgoode, 01 Nov 2019Huawei doing what it does best, copying Apple. Complete tot... moreFake news! Apple copy Samsung. OwO

Huawei doing what it does best, copying Apple. Complete total carbon copy rip off of iPad. Just shamelessly pathetic.

That holepunch makes me feel uncomfortable, the way it's so close to the corner bezel without touching it. Looks so off, they should've had a corner notch like the one on the Galaxy Fold

Good one,one thing i want to know is why do the Huawei Executives and most workers use Apple products and not theirs.. I have seen many Samsung Executives and workers that all they use is Samsung and all.. I know Huawei Founder said he love Apple products but that's not enough

looks nice to me.

  • AnonD-794992

Surfer, 01 Nov 2019This device shouldn't get into the market it's really embar... moreKeep your preferences to you.
Some peopole prefer android, some ios or windows.
What is so hard to understand?

  • AnonD-794992

Sonu4678, 01 Nov 2019These guys are just copycats, I really don't want to see th... moreAnd there is a reason why they are the only major brands.

Doesn't matter how high end is this tablet, still destroyed by the poor app support for Android tablet. Google itself has given up supporting or developing android for tablets.

  • Bloogsss

Design front:apple(exclude the punch hole)
Design back:samsung
Ghaddd huawei, out of design? Hahahaha
Remember only apple and samsung can battle in the tablet area so please if you want to join make sure you research it 10 years😂