LG V20 gets Android 9 Pie in Korea, more devices to receive the update in the coming months

01 November 2019
The V20 is finally getting a taste of Android Pie.

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  • mrw

lg v20 US owners should receive pie / Android 9 update. We were cheated especially after spending $800 on this flagship phone!

  • Nardos

Dear to get new device to update andirod and other application

  • CL32

Weird One, 12 Nov 2019Did you really get pie update on your LG v20 H918? Whats th... moreHave you finally get Android 9 on your V20.. i am the same phone

  • Anonymous

Of course this article does not mention in the changelog that Android 9 removes call recording feature. So Android 8 is the world's best mobile operating system.

  • Rex

even though am not in korea but i got the andriod 9 updates working veryfine

  • Anonymous

I hope Android Pie will be released this December for all variant

Weird One, 12 Nov 2019Did you really get pie update on your LG v20 H918? Whats th... moreFalse, I also have the LG V20 H918 which is currently still on OS 8. That person might be using a mod 9 Rom

AnonD-686319, 02 Nov 2019I got the update on my T-Mobile V20 last day, and so far th... moreDid you really get pie update on your LG v20 H918? Whats the software version? And how's the performance of the device?

  • Mikee

Whats wrong with LG G6 still no updates in the Philippines

  • Anonymous

If this can be released (and is predominately bug-free) for the Global versions of the V20 (H990DS and the likes) then I might reconsider getting another LG in the future.

Right now however I'm so jaded by their awful lack of updates (not even security updates) and terrible battery life/quality, I'll probably never buy another LG again.
Even though I love my V20 and there's nothing that can come close to it in terms of price/performance/features.

  • Anonymous

Ajay mavi, 03 Nov 2019In india. We are still on android 8.0 in LG V30+ feels like... moreHey Ajay mavi.. Download LG BRIDGE software from there site and update to Android 9 Pie. for your LG V30+

Kangal, 02 Nov 2019Not quite. The LG G6 was the best value phone of 2017 when... moreThe bad management and marketing is not only their problems tho. The phone design is kinda late (the G8 and V50 has big notches and 19,5:9 ratio, but i still give the G8 credits since g8 has some features).
Their lacks of camera software quality and also their battery management is not that good. I ported the Gcam APK in my G6 and it becomes better.
Plus, their overall design in my opinion don't really stand out (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Pixel, even now Sony have their own rather unique design).
LG with their G8X is probably the most unique phone (design wise) from lg with its dual screen accessories.

  • Ajay mavi

In india. We are still on android 8.0 in LG V30+ feels like wasted my money on LG

AnonD-732843, 03 Nov 2019Those would be very sought for features but LG will not be ... moreI concur.

Today I was thinking about a new phone concept, maybe you have some thoughts on it:
The idea was to give people what they wanted (full glass front and glass back) design-wise, but to find a solution to do it with durability and longevity in mind. Basically the phone is thick at 9.0mm's size, however, the front-side and the back-side digs in 1.0mm towards the phone. The phone is properly waterproofed above IP68 certification. Both the front and the back displays are made from plastic.

The plastic feels un-smooth and are very scratch prone. That's why out of the box, you get a Tempered Glass Protector for the front. This feels much better under the finger, resists most scratching (7 Mohs) and if it drops, it will crack, but will be easily replaceable whereas the bottom actual (plastic) display is unharmed (Shatterproof). The font protector covers everything except (cut-out) the speakers. The extra thickness of the protector is only 0.5mm (or less) so there's still a slight lip where the sideframe can absorb the impact if landing on flat surface.

The rear is the same deal, however, the plastic (non-shattering) backplate is Transparent and looks interesting. The plastic backplate however is very scratch prone. Inside the box there's also Tempered Glass Protector for the rear, and these units come with different pattern styles. Again, the glass protects the plastic from scratching, and when the glass eventually breaks it is very easily and cheaply replaced. The backplate covers everything like the OEM logos/Certification, except has a cut-out for the rear camera modules. These remain flush with the glass protector, and is recessed below the sideframe roughly 0.5mm like the front.

And the sideframe is a non-scratching, however, it isn't very impact resistant. So there's a bumper inside the box. This is a plastic bumper, and it isn't too thick when protecting the sides but boasts impressive corner padding for impact absorption.

  • AnonD-732843

Kangal, 02 Nov 2019I'm just saying, I don't agree with the assessment. The LG... moreThose would be very sought for features but LG will not be the only OEM in the market to have all of those and definitely never again unless a miracle in management occurs. Most probable OEM to have it all is a Chinese brand as they are innovating much more while LG's mobile division is steadily declining even though their mistakes are so obvious they are still reluctant to make a turn around in their mentality.

  • NotAnLGFan

what a shame for LG! releasing updates so soon !!

  • AnonD-686319

I got the update on my T-Mobile V20 last day, and so far the battery management seems better than Oreo; other than that I can't see lots of differences UI wise.

  • Est

My lg v30 still stuck with 7.0 in Europe!!! Shame LG!

  • Anonymous

meanwhile, my lg v30 still stuck with 8.0

  • User

LG V30+ Thinq should receive android OS 10 Q ,