nubia Red Magic 3s in for review

04 November 2019
The nubia Red Magic 3s adds a Snapdragon 855+ to the Red Magic 3 formula. But is that enough?

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  • Anonymous

Does it finally have USB 3 and HDMI out over USB-C unlike Red Magic 3 ?

  • Anonymous

when you add pixel 4 and Red Magic 3s to the camera tools?

  • Anonymous

really should make a correction about that stock android, its barebone aosp android. Features you expect like gestures are gone and even dark mode is disabled. Customer support has been a nightmare for the red magic 3. All this is solved if you live in china and buy the Chinese firmware version that has all the features you expect

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2019I'd like to know more about the fan. how loud is it? is t... moreThere's no filter, as far as I know. And after using RM3 for about 6 months, there was a harsh sound coming from the fan. It cleared up in about 1 minute of use, as it should. I suspect you will need to borrow my gf who cleans everything like a brain surgeon to keep the fan clean. Except, you can't have her, ahahahaha!

  • Anonymous

I love the callback to HTC One and others with unibody metal construction. The first phone in a while that I am comfortable using without a case.

  • John Weak

[deleted post]Very constructive. Thank you very much.

  • Wayne Morellini

However, maybe in the review, they can try the same App that they are getting Asus phones to do 8k, and see how high a frame rate and high a data rate they can get out of the ZTE's? You can do wonderful things with 8k, but data rate is important. FreeDcam was the app I think, where you can try custom settings. Another is Cinema 4k you might try. Open camera was limited to 4k last time.

  • Wayne Morellini

Lol! The other day my friend didn't understand that the phone wasn't good enough, so I demonstrated how the 8k 15fps video looks, by shuddering my head across. :)

They have been talking about their pro video app doing 8kp30 for ages. It should have been out by now, but I suspect they are doing a camera API 3.0 stack, and some say waiting for Qualcomm to release 8kp30 drivers. However, Asus has phones they can get to record proper 8k already (latest Zen and their gaming phone) and this might be the tip of an iceberg of 48mp models which could. However, Samsung is coming. Their 12k chip can do excellent image for a phone and 6k video, which at the low data rates these things do, is pretty useful. However, I don't know if the chip can't actually do 12k to 8k frame conversion to record. So, the who 8k on RM3 and Z20, might turn out to be a massive waste of you can buy something better before their pro video comes out.

  • Pindo

Yess no notch 😍

  • Anonymous

I'd like to know more about the fan. how loud is it? is there a filter? is there a way to clean it? i could see dust clogging the thing within a few months of use.

the specs on the phone are good but I'm not a fan of active cooling on phones...

  • Dometalican

I'm eager to see if they have fixed the software lack of features (no reduction of refresh rate nor system-wide Dark UI) and if the brightness in this phone is better (they better not use the same panel as the 3).

At this point, unless you don't like that color, there's no reason to get the 3 over the 3s since they're the same price.