Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro tops DxOMark camera chart

05 November 2019
The phone’s camera scores 121 and matches the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

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Anonymous, 06 Nov 2019Galaxy Note 10+ is a defective camera smartphone. Even Gala... moreIt is your phone settings
Tinker around it a bit

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Anonymous, 06 Nov 2019The Galaxy Note+'s photos look like League of Legends scree... moreGalaxy Note 10+ is a defective camera smartphone. Even Galaxy S4 takes better daylight photos. The moment you zoom in on Note 10+ photos, it all falls apart. I don't know whether it's the phone or the users taking photos at wrong settings, but I am yet to see a photo taken by note 10+ that doesn't become so horrible when you zoom in.

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2019The Galaxy Note+'s photos look like League of Legends scree... moreLMAO.

Great explanation.

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Justinjt2020, 05 Nov 2019why can't it be compared to the Samsung?The Galaxy Note+'s photos look like League of Legends screenshots with the character outlines turned on.

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Lord Moshna, 06 Nov 2019DXO tests what they want and how they want...I found some t... moreTrue DxOMark scores are biased but these pictures are nevertheless good. I don't care about scores, I just compare samples from different phones to come to conclusion

This phone possesses some extra ordinary cameras. Those camera samples are incredible. I wasn't expecting such a high end camera phone from Xiaomi.

360 euros for a best camera phone ever made.
I can take that offer any time any day.
No other flagship from any other brand will sell this good.
Glad we have a Xiaomi. Samsung, Sony, LG and many others are too pricey for what they have to offer. Their bloatware and so called quality device isnt wrth the asking price.

Nick Tagataka, 05 Nov 2019Also, keep it in mind that you can't make a direct comparis... moreTrue. But according to samsung and xiaomi 64 MP should hold advantage but It doesn't.

  • Lord Moshna

DXO tests what they want and how they want...I found some tests with different formula than for the rest of the devices. They even wait for firmware update of APPLE 11 to introduce deep focus functionality and make the score higher...Most of the producers don't have such a privilege. 99,9% of devices are tested with the current firmware, and tests are not postponed due to some camera updates in future (even if they are told to appear). So..it is a funny portal for nerds, but their tests are biased (or maybe even paid)

  • Damfs

zzee, 05 Nov 2019every phone that goes to dxomark for review got diffferent ... moreWell in case of xiaomi , the difference is mentioned in the phone webpage and with a big font . also , i think that with 7P instead of 8P lens you won't loose so many points , the phone just won't be as good as a Mate 30 pro but with that price it's still a nice bargain

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2019"How about Huawei got the so called 'astrophotography' way ... moreTIL Light Painting Mode and Night Mode on recent Huawei phones are fake. I don't even know what's that supposed to mean, but anyway thank you for your TED talk.

This is too hard to believe. Lets wait for the reviews but DXO is being too obvious about their sponsorship with this one.

Scram, 05 Nov 2019You list a bunch of nothingburgers whereas Huawei hasn't ev... more"Google has astrophotography"
I wouldn't say it's more important than having an ultra wide angle lens.

"Apple has Deep Fusion"
To compensate for low MP count of the sensor, I get it. Mate 30 Pro doesn't even need one since the sensor is larger and it has over 3 times higher resolution to work with. And next year surely Huawei will increase the resolution of the sensor even further, making it more difficult for Google and Apple to catch up to them in this regard.

Scram, 05 Nov 2019You should learn to use qualifiers correctly. Sony and e... moreThings you need to understand is:
1. Xperia 1 has pretty inconsistent auto mode with the camera software randomly choosing whether to trigger HDR or not in the same scene. Very often its shots are underexposed, sharpening is pretty horrible in daylight and takes away all the details in low contrast areas, and when the scene gets dimmer you have no night mode as well so you're out of luck if you want a brighter, more detailed shots than what auto mode can achieve.

2. Note 10, on the other hand, is notorious for severe detail softening issue. It produces typical "taken with a phone, stay in the phone" type of photos - it only looks good at phone's display, but unusable even at slightly larger size. It suffers from tons of artifacts as well, such as noisy corners, loss of details towards the edge, ringing, chromatic aberration, and so on. Samsung is doing a great job here as they managed to trick people into thinking they are making very capable phone cameras, but in reality people are believing them because most of them only watch the Youtube photo comparison reviews that don't go into the details of the photos at all (or praise Samsung's oil painiting as having "more detail" like Mrwhosetheboss does). When I take a photo, I don't want beautiful painting of the scene, I want a PHOTO. That's why I use P30's camera almost all the time even though I have S10 with me as well. I use S10 when I shoot videos because of overall better video recording capability, but so far that only happened to me 3 times since I got both of them.

3. Mate 30 Pro has a massively improved video quality AS WELL AS still image quality as well, so even if it was true that Note 10+ and Xperia 1 were on the same level as P30 Pro, it wouldn't be able to touch Mate 30 Pro. Quite literally Mate 30 Pro in auto mode can beat Note 10+ in night mode in low light scenes, thanks to a better image processing and a massive sensor. Don't get me wrong, it's not flawless of course, from what I have seen from the samples on the internet it seems to be having a slight but consistent purple tint in many of them. But Huawei is known for fixing the camera issues through several software updates, so I'm pretty sure this issue will get ironed out in a few weeks.

4. FFC on Mate 20 Pro was pretty decent, and those on P30 Pro and Mate 30 Pro are even better. Just don't take photos in Portrait mode (which is a default shooting mode) and you'll be free from any face softening and whitening. Fixed focus is still a bit of a problem and that's definitely something Huawei should consider putting on future flagship devices, though.

Xinito27, 05 Nov 2019Huawei is rubbish in photo and especially in video everyone... moreJust take a look at actual samples then come back here, thanks.

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AnonD-794992, 05 Nov 2019After eading the replies to my comment witch was pointed to... morewithin the year i bought the pocophone f1, xperia 1, galaxy note 10 plus, and the asus rog phone 2. i have since resold the xperia 1 and the galaxy note 10 plus. with the pocophone f1, i have since been a xiaomi fan. so, you're wrong to generalize we can't afford proper flagships; some of us are really just amazed how xiaomi can come up with these specs but charge less. honestly, i loathed xiaomi before because their products are copycats mostly from apple, but it all changed when i got the pocophone f1. my wife also have nothing but praises for xiaomi since changing from her galaxy s9 to the mi 9t pro. xiaomi does cut corners, but proves to be heaps amazing for their pricing. other complain about ads in miui, but recent devices have the option to turn off ads right away while setting up the device for the first time.

  • zzee

every phone that goes to dxomark for review got diffferent lenses and sensor vs the regular phone they sold to masses. i hope ppl will settle down

AnonD-794992, 05 Nov 2019After eading the replies to my comment witch was pointed to... morethis is more toxic than league of legends

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This phone is very impressive. I didn't expect it to score so good at night photography. I thought smaller pixel size would diminish night photos, but this phone(scoring 56) is only 3 points behind the top phones: Galaxy Note 10+ and Huawei P30 Pro.
I am thinking that maybe it would be even better if they put 27 megapixel sensor instead of a 108 megapixel one. Larger number of pixels usually means smaller pixels.

  • AnonD-794992

After eading the replies to my comment witch was pointed towards DxOmark not the phone(and i never said it us a bad phone) and posted my own opinion.
I cant stop laughing and wondering is there more arogant and vulgar fanbase than xiaomi fans.
Just read all the comments, this comment section is turning in to a big pathetic parody.
Fellas get a life and next time dont get offended when someone is posting his own opinion.
It is your fault if you cant afford some big fish for showing off.