Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro tops DxOMark camera chart

05 November 2019
The phone’s camera scores 121 and matches the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

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AnonD-794992, 05 Nov 2019After this score i think DxOmark is total bs. I never bel... moresound like a big brand fanboy that always believes more expensive is better. If its bought and paid for scores wheres the Apple iPhone 11's chart smashing scores!

what is a 8P lens and a 7P aperture?

Professional, 05 Nov 2019You are probably someone who thinks more expensive is bette... moreI've got a Mi9 too and find the results the same. Much better than the iPhones of the same year at a fraction of the cost but than again, even DXO scores confirm that anyway!

But each to their own, partner likes to show off the brand of Apple. I actually like to have something that is better!

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Scram, 05 Nov 2019You should learn to use qualifiers correctly. Sony and e... moreIf Sony was so good, Gsmarena would have included them in article comparing samsung, Huawei, Pixel, Apple

Scram, 05 Nov 2019You list a bunch of nothingburgers whereas Huawei hasn't ev... morethat has yet to be proven!

I've yet to see any review site thats tested the iPhone 11's to be any better!

:), 05 Nov 2019256GB internaland somehow Apple's flagship launching with a 64GB option at an insanely high price makes sense?

At least Xiaomi don't charge an arm and a leg for the 256GB version!

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2019DXOMark's scoring makes absolutely no sense to me. How can... morewhy can't it be compared to the Samsung?

Scram, 05 Nov 2019This all started with a Huawei fanboy saying Apple hadn't b... moreLOL. let's just be *very* clear that you haven't put anyone in their place. the opposite in fact; you're the only person arguing this "point" that stemmed from one fanboy on the internet. sweetie, the internet is full of many opinions and clearly you don't know how to distinguish between opinion and fact. multiple people are giving you information and you're choosing to ignore that and argue a counterpoint which isn't there. some people call that delusion but let's not go there.

anywho, Huawei had a great year last year and a great year this year too, with the P30 Pro and Mate 30 Pro shining above and beyond what most expected. in particular the Mate due to the incredible videography potential and literal cinema-style shooting.

by the way I have a Mate 20 Pro which is why I have a valid voice here. I've had several people compliment the cameras on the phone when I've showed them pictures, including the selfie cam. is it the best? no. but no one is saying it is. they have work to do there, we know. it will happen.

not sure how many times you're going to bring up Sony but absolutely no-one was checking for them this year, last year, the year before that or the year before that. you need to get real.

the reason I've listed those P9 achievements is because you tried it with some smart comment about nothing before the P20. I haven't said no other manufacturer has done anything ever ever, but I've given you genuine points of contention that you have no proper response to. as a result we're done here and I'm going to leave you with your confused outlook and reaching opinions since you aren't worth it.

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DXOMark's scoring makes absolutely no sense to me.
How can the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G even be compared to the Huawei Mate 30 Pro or the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro?

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Ralse, 05 Nov 2019108mp camera and no sd card? How is it going to store all t... more256GB internal

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Shui8, 05 Nov 2019So u care so much about selfie camera? 'Google got astro... more"How about Huawei got the so called 'astrophotography' way before Pixel does?"

You meant the one everyone criticized for being fake? Nothing to brag about

  • Sean

These certainly don't look any better or worse than anything else on the market. They certainly don't look like 108mp

Scram, 05 Nov 2019You list a bunch of nothingburgers whereas Huawei hasn't ev... moreSo u care so much about selfie camera?

'Google got astrophotography'

How about Huawei got the so called 'astrophotography' way before Pixel does? If the Night Mode puts on tripod, it becames longer exposure just as Pixel's does. Night Mod before Pixel? Aperture Mod before Pixel? How about Huawei's Traffic Trails, Light Grafitti, Silky Water, Star Trails milkyway mode photography?

Wake up dude. Clearly u have to research more about it.

Scram, 05 Nov 2019Yeah, there's a reason why you can only go as far as the P2... moreYou underestimate Huawei way much, bro. Back in 2016, I'm using Xperia Z2. My friend got Z1, but he want to sway away from Sony & try new things. He went for Huawei P9 Plus. Guess what? Its camera quality be it on details, contrast, DR, low light, live adjustable aperture mode, RAW support, are way way better. But i'm a bit skeptical at first so go ahead with Xperia Z5. Upon comparing with my friend's P9, even Z5 got beaten by P9 in every aspects of camera quality, period.

After ridiculously X Performance announced, i quit from Sony. Same old camera performance, overpriced at its best given the rest of the specs. I took the risk & went for the Huawei way. Zero regrets. Wish i did it sooner. From Honor 8 to Mate 9 to Mate 20. And i'm 100% sure my next phone will be Mate 40.

Experience matters than just by reading from unrealible resources.

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2019No 360 degree audio recording No 960fps super slow motion ... moreYou list a bunch of nothingburgers whereas Huawei hasn't even been able to get selfies right.

Google has astrophotography
Apple has Deep Fusion

This year belongs to the iPhone in smartphone photography. Google, Samsung, and Sony had a good run. Huawei comes after.

Nick Tagataka, 05 Nov 2019I'm sorry but I couldn't just resist the urge to laugh when... moreYou should learn to use qualifiers correctly.

Sony and especially Samsung are not some of the "worst performers in still photography."

You clearly haven't used any of the newer Sony flagship or you think we're talking about the S9/Note 9 here. Current Samsung and Sony flagships go toe-to-toe with stills from the P30 Pro and Mate 30 Pro.

I'm not saying Huawei is terrible; but they don't hold a candle to any of the incumbents on videography and selfie. To be a great camera phone, you have to be great at every thing. Not great at a few things, then average in other critical parts.

It was okay to make excuses for them last year, especially when others dropped the ball. Now, it's getting old. If you want to stake a claim for being the best camera phone, you've got to be the best at EVERYTHING bar none.

They spooked the incumbents last year and got a wake up call this year. It looks set to continue next year.

travstr, 05 Nov 2019probably because Huawei weren't making smartphones for as l... moreThis all started with a Huawei fanboy saying Apple hadn't been in the running for best photography "in years".

Then it continued with others making it seem like still photography is the epoch of smartphone photography.

That rubbed me off the wrong way and I had to put you guys in your place.

I can write a book about the several photography firsts of Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Nokia. So reeling off features about the P9 that was clearly not in the top 5 in the year it launched isn't impressive.

Yea, Huawei had a great year last year. This year everyone buckled up; and you guys are acting like 2018 didn't end.

Huawei took a shot for the crown last year. Apple, Samsung, Google, and Sony egged them this year. It might be a discomforting experience for you, but facts don't care about your feelings/sentiments.

Scram, 05 Nov 2019Yeah, there's a reason why you can only go as far as the P2... moreprobably because Huawei weren't making smartphones for as long as Samsung and Apple? let alone flagship smartphones that are comparable to the Galaxy S series, iPhones and Pixels. it doesn't matter what you think is a "fluke" or "lucky" year, at the end of the day Huawei have proven they can make advances in the industry and have already done so. of course companies that have been doing something for longer would have a headstart. what is your point?

idk what your obsession is with trying to downplay their accomplishments but it's really weird to be honest. if you really want to we can go back to the P9, one of (if not the first) flagship that had dual cameras. it was proven even back then where they were just using it for B/W processing that they were onto something. the P9 was also the first phone to offer live bokeh during viewfinding, could take RAW photos and even had a night mode; this is back in 2016. go look at the GSMarena review - it's subtitled "Ascension" for a reason.

I agree that Samsung will likely take the crown next year but once again, you don't really have much of a point other than the fact that Huawei literally haven't been in the game as long as other companies. if anything the fact they've made such advancement in such a short time goes to show how impressive they are technologically and how much potential they still have.

travstr, 05 Nov 2019this comment is pretty dumb. first of all Sony has been out... moreYeah, there's a reason why you can only go as far as the P20 Pro when talking about Huawei's photography prowess.

Whereas Samsung, Apple, and Sony can go as far back as 2009.

Google changed the game with computational photography. LG had already started riding the multi-lens game before Huawei hit jackpot with the P20 Pro. To Huawei's credit, they merged computational photography with the versatility of multiple lens and made a name for themselves.

But that was just last year. Not 2, 3, 5 or 10 years ago. Last year.

And in just one year, they're back to being yet another pea in the pond. That's the very definition of a freak year.

So you end up making my point for me. Huawei is a butterfly that thinks itself a bird. And its fanboys are deluded, especially when they want to downplay the achievements of the incumbents who are holistically better than Huawei at photography just because of a 5 minute fame.

Huawei has had 4 years to get better at videography and selfies; yet they're woefully behind Apple, Samsung, Google, and Sony. But you guys can keep blowing smoke up their behind because it has an extra level of zoom or it produces lowlight and crisp still photos that are just as good as Google, Apple, and Samsung's.

Nick Tagataka, 05 Nov 2019I'm sorry but I couldn't just resist the urge to laugh when... moreHuawei is rubbish in photo and especially in video everyone knows that a lot of money is spent on dxomark buying score