Xiaomi Mi Watch goes official with MIUI-skinned Wear OS

05 November 2019
It runs on the Snapdragon Wear 3100 4G and has a beefy battery.

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  • EAC

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2020Are the straps swappable?Yes.. Changed mine already

  • EAC

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2019You would believe their technology for ECG? Not sure that it's real. No measurements, can't activate manually. Has accurate HRM but can't mesure blood pressure, which à 50$ watch can do.

  • Anonymous

Are the straps swappable?

  • Anonymous

Does it have maps and a good maps app? Critical. Maps combined with GPS etc for cross-country/trail running/hiking etc??

  • Anonymous

...And glass can break.

  • Bogeyman2g

Shappire is a crystal. Glass is glass...

  • Anonymous

Black dude, 06 Nov 2019Is there ECG facility like apple watch....?? Apple doesn't... moreYou would believe their technology for ECG?

Mikkun, 06 Nov 2019ok, so the design was (almost) copied from the Apple Watch.... morefully agreed
either register an ID or just keep your thought to yourself

  • Anonymous

MasEnha, 06 Nov 2019Is iWatch has 4G connectivity :)Yes

The only good thing about all of this is that finally Google allow OEM to modified the Wear OS, I always a big fans of stock Android where it offer smooth and unbloated experience, but in the same time appreciate the exisiting of heavy customized UI like One UI, EMUI and MIUI that allow me to do heavy customization on my phone.... But all these year Wear OS are really.... boring at best, the UI wasn't polish compare to its smartphone counterpart. Hell even watch OS and Tizen is better than it.

Is there ECG facility like apple watch....??
Apple doesn't approve ECG facility in India even though they make it possible on the watch...
And I really need it ..as I have heart problem...
I need to monitor every day as precaution..so...if it works this way...I'm going for that

  • Anonymous

Mastas iZRavenkroft, 06 Nov 2019Bro.. What you expect the cheap and attractive watch can do... moreI am only comparing looks. Huawei watch is a breathtaking beauty.
Apple watch and Mi watch both are ugly looking. Nothing premium about the way they look

  • MasEnha

Kamal, 06 Nov 2019apple watch copyIs iWatch has 4G connectivity :)

  • kuba

very similar to Amazfit GTS, can someone tell me which one is better and why?

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2019Both are ugly and don't look premium at all Bro.. What you expect the cheap and attractive watch can do. At lease it's cover the whole features like GPS and Health Tracker. Tell me what Huami and New Google Watch can do? Plus interm of price.. get back to me in 3 Months from now and tell me the truth bro...

  • Kamal

apple watch copy

ok, so the design was (almost) copied from the Apple Watch. Apple should be flattered, or file a lawsuit if they're offended. You're not going to buy it anyway, so why all the hate? And why post comments anonymously? If you can't face replies with your GSMArena username, then don't post your comments.

  • Gary

A squar Wear OS watch! It's been a while since one of these came out. Hopefully international version comes out soon.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2019Apple watch has uniformed thin bezels. But this cheap chine... moreBoth are ugly and don't look premium at all

  • edd

DarK, 05 Nov 2019Well that look stupidly ugly.. Like cheap knockoff of Apple... moreapple watch is copy from android watch