Motorola One Zoom and Moto Z4 to get Android 10 soon

06 November 2019
Both devices were certified on the Wi-Fi Alliance website with the latest Android OS.

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  • Tom

Moto one zoom work so much better with Android 10. Updated in UK on 16th October. It's like getting new phone, well worth waiting.

  • Greg

Although not moaning like some people, I was waiting for a long time also to get Motorola One Zoom updated to Android 10. This day has finally arrived today 16th September 2020. I am based in Ireland.

  • Marius

I've owned Motorola devices before, and I was very pleased with the stock android experience and fast sistem updates. I've waited for the one zoom to come out, and was very excited because it's a great phone. But I must say, now I am very disappointed with the android 10 update pending for way too long... Will not buy Motorola again for sure

  • Chacha420

Thank God I didn't bought Motorola one zoom because it still didn't receive android 10 update and its 17 august 2020 xD from next month other android mobiles will start getting android 11...
People go for Nokia... they are best for android updates

  • Tubesnake

This is just not good enough, Motorola.
Android 11 is almost ready, and we are still waiting for 10.
My next phone will surely not be a Motorola!

  • Anonymous

Wonderful news ! Can't wait

  • ninareflex

Mando, 24 Jul 2020Im part of the MFN test batch and im running 10 for almost... moreHow to participate in MNF test bach? Thank you for answer

  • Mando

Francis.Attie, 08 Jul 2020Hello all & Hello Moto :-) i've just bought Mot... moreIm part of the MFN test batch and im running 10 for almost a month onthe zoom,so hopefully wilk be available soon for u.s market

Hello all & Hello Moto
i've just bought Moto One Zoom in May 2020 and it is still on Android 9 version.
When should we receive the 'new' Android 10 please ?

  • Dan

Well Mr Moto. When shall we ZOOM please

  • Kobby

It's 27th Dec 2019,and the motorola one zoom is still on android 9. How soon was your soon back on the 06/11/19 when this information was posted.
Please credibility is very important. Get your fact right and come back to us again.
On standby..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2019"The One Zoom, however, is a relatively new smartphone - it... moreKey markets are never EU or US, key markets are usually India, Brazil and China. It's not about the Gross domestic product of any country but about population in the country that sets the key market.

  • Sharma_Ji

Not the first ones though, moto one power already got android 10 beta a few days ago.

  • Anonymous

"The One Zoom, however, is a relatively new smartphone - it arrived back in September and it also carries the name Motorola One Pro at key markets where it is under the Android One program."
What are those markets then? IN the Netherlands only the One Zoom seems to be up for sale.

Joe, 06 Nov 2019Yeah, it's a shame that they discontinued the Shattershield... moreWell i dislike Notch either.
And i wouldnt buy a notch phone no matter what. Not even a hole in corner is my cuup of cofee so untill we get a serious phone without any screen cutout i will skip buying new device.

Definitely will be waiting if Motorola decided to roll out Android 10 update for both Z3 and Z3 Play.

  • Joe

CptPower, 06 Nov 2019Would like to see some flagship device by Motorola like Z2 ... moreYeah, it's a shame that they discontinued the Shattershield display series. Frankly speaking though, if it's got a notch, I'd skip the next version of this device.

Would like to see some flagship device by Motorola like Z2 pro force was.