Motorola One Zoom and Moto Z4 to get Android 10 soon

Yordan, 06 November 2019

Motorola currently has two phones with Snapdragon 675 chipset - the One Zoom with a huge rectangle on the back and the Moto Z4 that still works with Moto Mods. Both devices arrived with Android Pie out of the box, but now they appeared at the Wi-Fi Alliance website with Android 10, revealing that an OS update is incoming.

Motorola One Zoom Moto Z4
Motorola One Zoom • Moto Z4

The Motorola One Zoom has the model number XT2010-1, while the Moto Z4 is with XT1980-4, and if they are ready for Android 10, they will be the first two phones of the company with the new version of the OS.

Back in June there was a confirmation that the Z4 won’t see the next-gen Android R, meaning it is likely to receive its last major OS upgrade and to be limited to security updates from now on.

The One Zoom, however, is a relatively new smartphone - it arrived back in September and it also carries the name Motorola One Pro at key markets where it is under the Android One program. This means Android R is likely on the roadmap, along with the security updates until September 2022.



Reader comments

  • Kobby

It's 27th Dec 2019,and the motorola one zoom is still on android 9. How soon was your soon back on the 06/11/19 when this information was posted. Please credibility is very important. Get your fact right and come back to us again. On standby..

  • Anonymous

Key markets are never EU or US, key markets are usually India, Brazil and China. It's not about the Gross domestic product of any country but about population in the country that sets the key market.

  • Sharma_Ji

Not the first ones though, moto one power already got android 10 beta a few days ago.