Sony teases new IMX686 image sensor, shows first samples in a promo video

07 November 2019
Not full resolution samples, though. In fact, Sony is keeping the sensor's resolution a secret for now.

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Hildr, 08 Nov 2019Not really, I wouldn't change my xperia 1 camera for a sams... moreI'm not talking about image processing, but more to its hardware side. And your not alone about Samsung, not a fan of their plasticky & cartoony looking images as well.

Imagine if Xperia 1 maintain their current image processing + Eye AF + DRAM, with a lil bit Auto HDR tweaking, exchange their IMX445 with the popular IMX586 or even IMX600, they can easily beats other competition out there. And Quad Bayer was not the cause for wash looking photos. S10 & Note 10 using Dual Pixel sensor same as Xperia 1 does, but still got that oil-painting looks. Its all about image algorithm. The best natural- detail looks as of now are Mate 30, Iphone 11 & Xperia 1 itself.

The point is, Sony either play-safe (which i doubt, who doesnt want their company to success?) or cost-cutting for a bigger profit (which is likely).

Shui8, 08 Nov 2019Sony: Give them better, bigger sensor fellas. Save the wor... moreNot really, I wouldn't change my xperia 1 camera for a samsung one. No offense, but I prefer a photo with grain rather than a water paint washed quad bayer photo. For each their own.

IpsDisplay, 08 Nov 2019Finally since the Samsung 64mp sensor is do badExactly

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Wow nice.

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Please Put 108 mp sensor in 1micron pixel size.

Oh great, so this is the brand new 60MP sensor that Reno 3 and Honor V30 are rumored to have. Hopefully it'll have a larger pixel size than Samsung's ISOCELL counterpart.

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Heck, even the Sony IMX 586 takes better lowlight shots than Samsungs 108mp Sensor! GCAM 7.2 on Xiaomi mi9 FTW!

Give them better, bigger sensor fellas. Save the worst, cheaper sensor into our own phone. Sell our phone to the point called as 'overpriced'. We sell higher, we produce lower. Cost cutting & bigger margin profit for us! Heewhehewwhehehhehhehe~ (evil laugh)

Could be Sony's own 64MP? We'll just have to wait for that.

Finally since the Samsung 64mp sensor is do bad

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Photos will look better with computational photography.
But even without it, they are excellent.

AnonD-784107, 07 Nov 2019Not exactly ground breaking. Look at the light bloom around... moredude, this image not from a proper phone camera... it still not released ... the quality of the image will be differ because each phone manufacturer will optimize the sensor. and this article just raw processing, not final product from phone company. logic?

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GrandMaster, 07 Nov 2019"The video also shows photos captured with the sensor, but ... moreThey were talking about the bad exposure around lights

AnonD-784107, 07 Nov 2019Not exactly ground breaking. Look at the light bloom around... more"The video also shows photos captured with the sensor, but the company didn’t publish the full resolution shots. If you’re wondering how Sony captured photos with a sensor that’s not in phones yet, it used a prototype board connected to a computer (the phone seen in the videos is just a dummy)."

And you're judging even before the release. How stupid!

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oPaGanDasTyle, 07 Nov 2019THey wont be any P40 or M40, Huawei will go for P50 and M50... moreThey made Huawei Nova 4 and 4e.

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vrvly, 07 Nov 2019Tech from A7RIV would be also welcome, using 12mp sensor bu... more1) Pixel Shift is for static subject only. Tripod is required.

2) There are situations that HDR are not recommended like moving subject. This is why the Auto Mode will choose only when it thinks necessary. It needs few seconds to analyze the scene and choose BACKLIT SCENE. If you open app and press shutter in 1,5s , this is not time enough for scene recognition. If you go to manual , turn hdr and leave all rest auto, it is same of auto + hdr.

3) sony mobile has no interest in quadbayer sensors. They made it clear when asked about not using imx586.

4) I have seen many comments on weibo saying you cannot trust dxo , because of reasons you can imagine. A russian community of HMD made it clear on twitter 1 day before review of Nokia 9 was out. Did you know that they admitted to change video of iphone from 1080p to 4K before the test, while pixel 4 was tested 1080p?

Supreme! Top notch! Well done!

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Google: "new camera sensor, what this?!"

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68 MP camera...

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2019Huawei usually will use custom sensor for their flagship, P... moreForget top line and more affordable one, even lite versions will need those awesome specs to survive. Non pro ver. will need something better than minote10 performance, pro ver. will need something way way more better, not just a bit, it will be few months later even and for double price your expectations will soar the sky.
Big sensor in every fov is a must (unlike what sony did), what they can do more will differ.
As for resolution, nothing can be done, once there is something sharp and working, there is only one way - sharp^2. Unlike with sony/lumias/full-res, sharp binned resolution is fast and noise-free. Trying to bring less Mp or bigger pixels after witnessing mn10 performance and knowing better sensors of the similar specs are coming is just madness.