DxOMark: iPhone 11 Pro Max isn't as good as the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

08 November 2019
Shares the third place with Samsung's S10-series.

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Anonymous, 08 Nov 2019This review is the precisely the reason why DXOMark reviews... moreMany Snapdragon phones can record at 4K60!!! Inform yourself better!!!

A € 1400 phone worse than a € 500 phone should save € 1000 and buy a real camera

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2019Fanboys, look at numbers.. identify the brand, immediately... moreI have iPhone 11 and Mate 20 Pro, I like iPhone 11 cameras which is adequate for me with great results but I am also comfortable to know the fact that there are better cameras outside! Comparing Selfi cameras between M20P and iPhone 11, I like true to life images from iPhone 11 and its back cameras taking really amazing pictures in day light! I am happy!

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Fanboys, look at numbers.. identify the brand, immediately declare they win.. if brand does not match, say its a paid job. scream injustice.

Normal sensible person, look at numbers, ask why, dig at the reasons.. understand why its rated as it is. Pick based on their needs and wants.

  • Peter

Nothing unusual. I replaced Galaxy S9+ by Xiaomi MI8, because of better camera and much battery life. Xiaomi makes great looking natural photos, samsung photos are blurry and has no details, especially on bigger monitors. First time my observations coincide with dxomark - best cameras are Mate 30 PRO and xiaomi, third place for iphone of coure. Whole rest is nothing worth in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

This review is the precisely the reason why DXOMark reviews should not be considered blindly. I mean, I am typing this comment from my Android phone, but iPhones have the best video recording capability bar none for me.
The 4k@60fps extended dynamic range video is mesmerizing, and can only be done by the A13. I mean 4k@30fps can be handled by SD855 , but going above that is not possible by any Snapdragon chip at present. I hope that changes with SD 865.
The detail is astounding, the stabilization at that level is mind-blowing and I bet that for someone who is an expert at videography, or looking to start a YouTube chanel, this phone is a better investment than a dedicated video camera initially.

Still pretty good actually despite its price
Wondering how the standard model will do

DxOMark is not a relevant source of information. DxOMark is not about how good the camera is, it's about how much cash the manufacturer pours in. Apprently Xiaomi went all-in this time, because the camera is average at best, and nobody sane in their mind would ever put the CC9 Pro alongside with the Galaxy Note 10+ or Mate 30 Pro's cameras.

Just wait for independent camera comparisons on youtube before you spend your money, because 20$ of the CC9 Pro's pricetag is for the high DxOMark score.

  • MasEnha

ASUS ROG Phone 3, 08 Nov 2019iPhone cameras are good enough for most of the situations a... moreWith my noobs eyes, I can distinctively determine that the clear winner are those Leica on P30 (pro) -- not yet tried Mate 30 (pro). It's true that iPhone is good enough but those Leica are beauty.

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Peachy001, 08 Nov 2019Software, likely win for Apple. Looks, in my opinion, Apple... moreSecurity?

  • MasEnha

Nick Tagataka, 08 Nov 2019"Samsung S10+ beats it. Huawei P30 Pro beats it." Not real... moreThe fact is that Apple already mature on this segment meanwhile Xiaomi is a new breed that needs another optimization phases (well Xiaomi using 3rd party sensor which not built in perfect fit). I'm surprised that Xiaomi achieving this result topping both Apple and Samsung even with default launch software. Upcoming updates will bring better result for sure. I do believe that Xiaomi have it own cons but still appreciate for this achievement.

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2019Phones with much bigger sensors have obligation to outperfo... moreConsidering how much Google and Apple like to talk about how their superb image processing can overcome the physical limitations of the small sensor they use, I think it's fair to compare them to phones with a larger sensor.

Iwontbuythat, 08 Nov 2019Iphone isn't really greatest at photography. Samsung S10+ b... more"Samsung S10+ beats it. Huawei P30 Pro beats it."
Not really. S10+ still suffers from watercolor-like processing and P30 Pro falls behind iPhone in dynamic range, details, artifacts, colors etc.

"Dx0Mark says CC9 Pro is the new best camera phone"
Well, definitely not in low light, as long as you stick to the default Xiaomi camera app.

"I think the only reason it scored so much in video testing was due to increased saturation in videos"
No, it's simply because iPhone uses Smart HDR for video as well, which makes it possible for it to capture far wider dynamic range than its rivals. The color saturation on iPhone is generally on point in both video and still photo, if sometimes a bit duller than what the actual scene looks like.

Shui8, 08 Nov 2019I know right? This is the first time DxO breaks their proto... moreIf Huawei didn't care about computational image processing at all like Xiaomi doesn't with CC9 Pro, then iPhone definitely would've scored higher than Mate 30 Pro. A bad news for Apple was that they do and Mate 30 Pro uses Deep-Fusion-like algorithms (or different demosaicing algorithms that allows it to extract more resolution out of its sensor) pretty much all the time, yielding much higher texture score than not only iPhone 11 Pro but also its predecessor, P30 Pro. iPhone put up a really good fight against Mate 30 Pro and CC9 Pro, but unfortunately Apple's advanced image processing wasn't good enough to fill the gap in sensor size between iPhone and those two phones.

Wow,usually there are allegations that Samsung,Huawei and Apple are paying DxoMark for those results.Logically,now it's Xiaomi's turn, right?Who's next,someone from BBK,surely..then Sony,Lenovo,Asus,Nokia,LG...
Bottom line,great result for Xiaomi,and for the phone that was just released,with brand new camera and brand new OS and those two obviously need some optimizations through several incoming updates.How good this new Mi Note 10 will be after few software improvements?Some (very) scary thought for Sam,Huawei,Apple....

iPhone cameras are good enough for most of the situations and definitely in the higher leagues but certainly their cameras can be beaten by Pixel, Samsung and Huawei, looks like now Xiaomi flagships. Not sure what could be the reason but others did invest heavily on photography, camera, AI etc along with experts like Lieca, Zeiss etc while Apple went on its own...

My iPhone 11 takes competing pictures in all lighting conditions with the new night mode it’s only getting better! Their selfie cameras are the best now compared to my Mate 20Pro more details and natural colours..

I know right? This is the first time DxO breaks their protocol. Suddenly when it comes to Iphone 11 its an exception as its easy to switch to 4k mod (others just 1 step more in the settings lol). Nevertheless Iphone 11 still the best video recording smartphone to my eyes be it on quality and stability. Mate 30 & Galaxy on the close second (still prefer Mate 30 video over Galaxy as it has greater pure depth of field caused by the better hardware).

Texture score still untouchable on Mate 30 eventhough Iphone using Deep Fusion. It maybe the best on its same class sensor size, but still cant beat bigger sensor.

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Peachy001, 08 Nov 2019Software, likely win for Apple. Looks, in my opinion, Apple... more. Looks, in my opinion, Apple win:
Stopped after that... what of that hideous notch do you like?

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Sometimes I thought it’s DXO Mark is not worthy because in reality iphone captures great photo and video

Iphone isn't really greatest at photography. Samsung S10+ beats it. Huawei P30 Pro beats it. When you zoom in on low light photo, this becomes obvious.

It is also no longer unmatched at video either, because Mi CC9 Pro is just as good. It scores the same as Iphone, while costing less. I have seen the video samples of CC9 Pro. They are amazing.

Dx0Mark says CC9 Pro is the new best camera phone. GSM arena samples also say it. There are YouTube reviews who also claim that after testing it.
But I saw the samples myself. Zoomed in on them. They are great. Photography power of CC9 Pro is just as great as Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Video recording is better than Mate 30 Pro. Well saturated(not too much) nice colors, really beautiful.

According to the DxOMark:
If you want a great camera for photos, Huawei Mate 30 Pro and CC9 Pro are the best choice.
If you want great videos, CC9 Pro or Iphone 11.

However, you have to be careful with Iphone 11. I think the only reason it scored so much in video testing was due to increased saturation in videos.
I prefer to edit my videos and set the suitable saturation myself. I don't like phone doing it for me.
Also, Apple's Iphone scored lower than Mi CC9 Pro when considering noise in videos.
For those who don't want to edit colors in their videos, Iphone is a better choice as videos that come from it are usually suitable for use right away, without any color editing, and will look more lively than unedited Mi CC9 Pro videos.