Huawei FreeBuds 3 review

10 November 2019
The first open-fit truly wireless earbuds with active noise cancelling.

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Prefer the Sony's hard to tell name wireless earbuds.

Ivan Petkov, 13 Nov 2019 morenot sure what is your point, but using word like "nobody" is pretty narrow vision in my opinion.

Horrible form .... i tried a pair and returned them after 2 days .... also sound is meh at best .... on par with a pair of much cheaper Xiaomi Air dots

Roy-86, 12 Nov 2019I understand that but they should say "nobody". That's very... more

[deleted post]They sell. A lot.

Sonu4678, 12 Nov 2019Are you telling me Xiaomi Notebook Air isn't a MacBook ripo... more-The hinge mechanism looks completely different, Macbooks don't use exposed metal hinge to lift the display
-Mi Laptop Air's curvature on the bottom panel looks neither like MBA or MBP
-No front facing speakers on Mi
-Mi's keyboard has the same colour as the rest of the body
-More squared off design than Macbooks
-Different port selections

The only similarities I see between this and Macbooks are they are both made out of metal and have a small rip in front of the trackpad to make it easier for you to lift up the display.
I've seen a person who's using this laptop in the library, I thought he was using Surface Book until I got a close look at it and saw the hinge design and the logo.

Doesn't it suck when you copy another company. Then that company decides to completely redesign one of the products you are copying and you are now left with the old design? Good news is the current airpod's will be around for 2 or more years. Huawei can copy them next time around.

  • Note9 User

GrU, 11 Nov 2019 moreYes, no surprise with the result, I don't understand why people would blindly buy the airpods without comparing them to the competition:

[deleted post]Successful as in the most purchased truly wireless earbuds on the planet.

  • lucciri

I have noticed the same lack of consistency from the ANC. it somehow deactivates left or right earbud , or both and I have to turn it off-on again.

Johnny Holmes, 11 Nov 2019Because you're in a very small minority of people.I understand that but they should say "nobody". That's very narrow vision and not expected from GSMA.

Nick Tagataka, 12 Nov 2019This is the argument I don't get - why do people keep sayin... moreAre you telling me Xiaomi Notebook Air isn't a MacBook ripoff? Com'on even they named it 'Air'. Look at this page -

In case you still can't see the similarity -
1. Look at the design for lifting up the screen
2. Look at the screen panel itself and how it unfolds when opening it.

Sonu4678, 11 Nov 2019Hey Nick, there is a difference between copying camera desi... moreThis is the argument I don't get - why do people keep saying their laptops look identical to Macbook? Sure Matebook does kind of look like a mix between XPS and Macbook, but Xiaomi's notebook looks like a generic metal laptop that look more similar to Surface Book/Surface Laptop than Macbook. I own MBP and use it as my work computer, but I never considered Xiaomi's notebook as a Macbook ripoff simply due to how different they look.

[deleted post]There should a limit to stupidity.
Innovation - Definition
a new method, idea, product, etc.
Is putting a bigger battery in a phone a new method, idea or product?
It's an incremental upgrade that pressured other OEMs to be competitive and we are thankful for that.

Deep Fusion is also an incremental upgrade over current HDR which is spearheaded by a powerful processor unique to iPhones.
Apple arguably has the best HDR in any smartphone currently followed by Pixel. Both are close.
So tell me, Is deep fusion only a gimmick? Sure, it's nothing new.
Anti-Chinese propaganda, you say? I won't refute that. I don't like their predatory culture.

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2019This is not called copying, this is called following. Thanks bro, at least you get what I was saying.

Nick Tagataka, 11 Nov 2019What about camera shape then?Hey Nick, there is a difference between copying camera design versus the whole product. Anyone can see what Huawei was trying to do with this product. Look at their notebooks. Even though Apple was heavily inspired by Huawei's camera design, both designs are not identical.
Huawei & Xiaomi just shamelessly ripoff whatever anything that's popular in the market.

[deleted post]I'm amazed that you consider putting a bigger battery is innovative. Did Huawei patent it?
Oh, wait! They can't cuz it's nothing new. Sure, the whole market started putting a bigger battery due to Huawei. We should be thankful for that, competition is necessary.
But you can't say others copied it.

Stop putting a stamp on others, it is childish. I have never owned an Apple product and not even planning to. I don't buy overpriced products.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Seems ok but why not buy a super cheap i9S-TWS over this and the Airpods? :S

  • LeftyKnox11

Roy-86, 10 Nov 2019I use airpods with my Android phones. Not sure why the auth... moreSame here..

  • LeftyKnox11

I've been using the airpods for more than 2 years now, connected to my previously OnePlus 3t phone and now on Huawei Mate 20 pro.
not an Apple fan, but this is the only apple product that i liked and is worth the money.