Huawei FreeBuds 3 review

10 November 2019
The first open-fit truly wireless earbuds with active noise cancelling.

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Huawei & Xiaomi are the most shameless brands out there. Disgusting!

at least people will think you're wearing AirPods
so it's a win-win

  • Anonymous

I would expect a comparison with Sony's earphones. Resemblance with Apple is more about the looks than what they're capable of.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2019Sound is one thing but can you - adjust volume, skip song, use g... moreWell, I have an assistant with the previous model. Why are you suggesting that they don't have it?

  • Anonymous

Huawei showing their true colours haha
Everything looks “heavily inspired” by apple

  • B777

I use my airpods with my oneplus and they work just great.

  • Anonymous

Sound is one thing but can you - adjust volume, skip song, use google assistant? Or when removed from ear are they stopping by itself?
No for all these questions... you've got what you pay for.

I just got myself Redmi Airdots for my Mate 20 for just $17. -­irdots-review/
Seriously, that thing sound quality is way high for the price! Easily recommended!


so nice but not same apple nice

  • Anonymous

The mic is said to beat the Airpods Pro. You didn't test this tho.

So it's an obvious Airpods clone but performs better than Airpods 1st gen, and is cheaper than the 2nd gen albeit worse in terms of sound quality. I think it's a decent pair of ANC wireless earbuds overall (and probably the first to feature noise cancelling for open-fit earbuds) for the price, but honestly it's not a type of earphones I would use personally, due to rather lackluster sound quality.

  • haha

Yes it's free and you save tons of money only you have to give away your freedom and money kind of magic standard logics from this company

  • James

For this price range i will go for airpod pro

  • ZloiYuri

Actually I don't know why they say this shape of headphones are good. It's not at all. Apple wanted to be unique in headphones design but failed in sound quality. Why to copy not the best shape? This will not improve sales at all. And one notice. AirPods sounds badly. Acceptable but music sounds good if you listening primitive crap like Taylor Swift. Huawei sounds even worse according to review. So all features are useless if sound so bad. Skip, next.

  • Billy UK

Why are AirPods being used as a comparison when the reviewer clearly states Android users don't use AirPods - totally pointless. Rather than compare to another model that looks similar, why not compare to other brands ie Sony, Samsung etc who also have wireless buds and work on the same platform?

Personally, I don't like these Airpods/Earpods style earphones. They don't fit in my ears and are often uncomfortable for long periods of time. Better of getting those with replaceable silicone tips for better fit like the Galaxy Buds or even the OnePlus Wireless Bullets 2.

huawei copycatting these stupidly designed airpods from apple

I find all "professionals" priorities are backwards when it comes to reviewing headsets/earphones.

The most important factor is price. If you can't afford it, no need for people to consider it. Next priority is comfort. If it feels awkward then you simply aren't going to use it. Next priority is portability. If the small earbuds aren't pocketable, or if the full-headset can't fit into a backpack... well, you would rarely be taking it with you. These top three qualities are things neglected by companies, or commonly, sacrificed for the purposes of advertising. Only then after is it a priority to consider sound quality. I mean, a poor quality sound and/or low volume will question your usage. Equal in importance for the experience is the control scheme. A cluttered, confusing, or unreliable way of controls hurts the experience immensely. And after that is the priority of battery life. If something doesn't last long enough, then you end up carrying "dead weight". Then it should be microphone performance. It's a feature that isn't used as often, but is still important for VA features, note taking, and calls. Finally is the priority of durability. If it cannot last an expected lifetime, people won't repair, or make repeat sales, or recommend it to others.

Other attributes like resale value, or aesthetics, etc etc are towards the bottom of consumers concerns. However, the script seems to be flipped upside down according to marketing departments.

  • Boy

So how about latency when playing games or watching mvie??

  • Shavvy

Do they support aptX or aptX HD?