LG sues TCL over 4G patents, it went after Wiko last year and BLU in 2017

12 November 2019
Wiko infringed on the same three patents as TCL. LG won that suit and Wiko now licenses. BLU was in trouble for five patents in total.

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  • truth

china nothing but leeches & thieves. all they do is steal & copy. then steal & copy some more. then suck the life out of you. that's all they do.

Bullcrap patents injected into standards.
If they wanted to have their patents then keep them out of international standards.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

mercuses, 12 Nov 2019Certainly the 4G network is poorly covered in placeCould be that, unless another persons phone gets signal/better signal that is...

  • mercuses

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2019my 4g lg phone cant even get 4g signal.Certainly the 4G network is poorly covered in place

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Shanti Dope, 12 Nov 2019The battle is all about patents now! An ordinary person ca... morePatents are a disgusting thing that only protects corporations and screws over the little people, sometimes they do good tough but overall... :<

  • Anonymous

my 4g lg phone cant even get 4g signal.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

sui, 12 Nov 2019Good job LG against these notin-but-copy Chinese company.TCL also is Blackberry... You do know they have screwed them-self by suing BLU & Wiko since they did not make their own phones! That was a company called Tinno which is legally doing nothing wrong in their home turf in China... LG should rather fix their bug-filled software and offer better priced products other places than just India! :<

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

LG stop being a sour loser since you cannot compete against BLU, Wiko or even TCL... Besides they have Blackberry on-board are you gonna sue them next? Or here is a better idea make the good phones you only offer in India in higher numbers and sell them world wide? I always were hyped for the W-series until I learned it was exclusive to India... :<

The battle is all about patents now!
An ordinary person cannot build his/her own custom phone because the design or any aspect of that project must've been patented by a greedy manufacturer already.

  • Anonymous

Atlease they can gain some $$$$$$ if they win the case since their mobile department is slowly dying anyway...

Good job LG against these notin-but-copy Chinese company.

  • KeK

I always laugh at this random comments throwing hate at LG or some other company defending their patents lmao.

Like they really dont understand that R&D uses a ton of money, and it is not free for others to use those patents without paying

  • Dude

Horrible smartphonr brand LG

Good way to make money from the mobility department since their phones are not selling well.

  • g6 user

good in most business bad with smartphone quality control and updates