Disney+ arrives in US, Canada and Netherlands. Here's what you need to know

12 November 2019
Disney's $6.99-a-month service has Star Wars, The Simpsons and all the Disney classics.

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Catutzi, 12 Nov 2019Of course there is someone asking about when it will be rel... moreI understand what you're saying but sometimes news agencies leave out some speculations and news about non target geographics. That's why I have commented on the Hope that some people with knowledge may reply.

  • Force Majeure

Not interested in any of th c**p Disney is pooping out. They made an atrocious mess out of Star Wars, that's enough to stay away.

  • Catutzi

Akashraj, 12 Nov 2019When will it be available in India?Of course there is someone asking about when it will be release in their country. As if gsmarena is holding that info back...
As if gsmarena is waiting for someone asking when it will be released in Zimbabwe or fiji....

gio4bm, 12 Nov 2019Soo many subscriptions start to add up and then the old pir... moreWhen I hear "exclusive content", I always bring out the hat.

And I bring it on other occasions too, such as when the platform is of poor quality (image looks like SD VHS, or at least 480p ugliness)

It's simple, make it more convenient to do it legally than not. Diluting the content behind 10 different paywalls makes piracy look like a breeze. And believe me, once you know where to look, piracy is incredibly easy. Why can't they make their content incredibly easy to get legally?

I hope ISPs will strike deals with streaming platforms to make a single platform with a single price. Or that governments mandate some kind of free streaming roaming like for mobile networks. Here at least, you can roam on other networks for free as long as at least half your network usage in on your "home network". If that were to happen on streaming platforms, problem solved.

(Also personally I wouldn't buy Disney+. HBO Max looks like it has waaaaay more content. I hope Mayday isn't part of the package though, since I love that documentary series, which is made with Nat.Geo, Discovery and Canal D)

Better offering than my Amazon Prime.

  • ComeOn...

How do they expect to get customers ? Other than StarWars fans and parents that want their children to stop interacting with them and sit in front of the TV, there is not enough content to justify ANOTHER streaming platform...

DisneyPlus will crash and burn, big time!

When will it be available in India?

Soo many subscriptions start to add up and then the old pirate hat comes in handy again

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2019Soon you will have a monthly subscription for fresh air.don't be ridiculous! what's next, selling bottler water?

...wait a minute

  • Baretta

Sucks that Linux will not be supported

  • Anonymous

Soon you will have a monthly subscription for fresh air.