First Xperia 3 images suggest a curved back and a flat front panel

12 November 2019
The phone is likely to have Snapdragon 865, no word on 5G availability yet.

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Somehow I feel it is just the reflection of light that make us see the Arc!

  • Batil

Changing the look of devices from model to another and keep same crap problems within each device!
Sonymobile they work as they were clothes/shoes maker not a smartphone company!
They care too much how it's look on outside than how it's work in inside?

  • Anonymous

Good OS update, great hardware but hard to find when ppl want to buy

  • Anonymous

Looks like it'll snap from design and how narrow it is
Needs a strong frame or its finished

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2019Probably a 3,300mah battery and no headphone jack too. If S... moreNot only 3300. There are rumors new models wont be locked to 60Hz anymore.
I think it is waste of money buying 120Hz screen to cap them to 60 with software like they do. So the 120 may be unlocked this time.

I highly doubt they will ever offer an update to let users choose between 60 or 120 on older devices. Same way they never gave 4K to X and X Performance after so many updates.

  • Anonymous

Probably a 3,300mah battery and no headphone jack too. If Sony Mobile was it's own company it would be gone by now

FarFan, 12 Nov 2019Guys, I still can't get the idea of this narrow screen, if ... moreI was the same, pesting against 19.5/9 screen, and 18/9 screen... Then I got the Xperia 1 in hand. And the phone feels so sleek! It's like a complete different device, can't even compare.
Yes there are black side bars in 16/9 content. I, for myself, doesn't browse that much 16/9 content. Also my computer screen is already 21/9 so I'm already used to it. The only moment it bothers me is with game that doesn't support it.But since major phone brand adopted 19/9, a lot of content is now for them, so the bars are smaller.
For everything else, web browsing, instagram, fb, messaging, 21/9 is just nice.
And even with a case, the phone doesn't become bulky!

Yeah, now I'm really enthusiast about it, I can't even post about it in 2 sentences xD

  • Anonymous

Seems that it will snap in half very easily and be incredibly overpriced. But maybe the curve will protect the camera array protrusion from being scratched and ruined as it becomes on many poorly designed current smartphones.

  • Anonymous

Judging the past few years, android 10 may be out this week of 1 and 5.
Since 2016 they start updates about mid november.

1 and 5 = november
XZ2 and XZ3 = december
10/10+ = january or february

  • Anonymous

There is a rumor of 12MP 1/1.7" ...

  • Rhee

Only Sony don't follow the tren of notch, punch hole or whatever the names. Sony the original

FarFan, 12 Nov 2019Guys, I still can't get the idea of this narrow screen, if ... moredepends on the display configuration, fully uninterrupted, as Xperia 5, or notch / hole, as most of the others and user preferences.

example: on Xperia 5, 6.1" screen, 21/9 ratio, fully uninterrupted, the 16/9 images are seen as app 4.9" diagonal. on a similar 6.1", 16/9 ratio, with app. 6mm notch on top, app. 5mm corner radius, the same 9/16 image is displayed on an uninterrupted diagonal of app 5.5" or even less with a punch-in hole. anyhow, advantage of app. 0.6" for the 16/9 ratio screen

for the same 6.1" screen, a 21/9 image is seen as 6.1" diagonal on a 6.1" screen with 21/9 ratio and 5.3" diagonal on a 6.1" screen with 16/9 ratio.

so, as said at the beginning, how large is the image you see depends on the screen configuration and preference, as in the type of images you use mostly.

aaaaaa, 12 Nov 20192019 is worse...It is not confusing. If they are always jumping with numbers is is better? :D

  • aaaaaa

Mobilemaster, 12 Nov 2019Why Xperia 3??? Are they mad? Why not Xperia 1 2019 to make... more2019 is worse...

Xinito27, 12 Nov 2019Who told you that this is real?I hope it is not!

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

XZ5 or 4 what ever this thing should be called, but for the love of Allah stop the random numbers!!! OwO

  • Anonymous

SONY, just produce nice camera software and you'd have way more smartphone-fanatics on your side! Prove us you can do it!

back to topic: Nice idea and kinda makes sense. It makes it grippier.

to all people that never hold a phone with this display ratio: Go to the store and try it. It's for a better a grip and for better browsing and reading.
If you watch movies all the time on your phone, this might be obviously not for you.

Mobilemaster, 12 Nov 2019Why Xperia 3??? Are they mad? Why not Xperia 1 2019 to make... moreWho told you that this is real?

  • Anonymous

I heard names would be same used by HMD.
1.1, 2.1, etc .....

Why Xperia 3??? Are they mad? Why not Xperia 1 2019 to make things easy to understand? Sony is really confusing these days.