First Xperia 3 images suggest a curved back and a flat front panel

12 November 2019
The phone is likely to have Snapdragon 865, no word on 5G availability yet.

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The numbering and naming system is very confusing. I think it's time they started over with some consistency and keep the numbering in order

  • FarFan

Guys, I still can't get the idea of this narrow screen, if my favorite youtube channels and twitch keep 16:9 ratio, it means that effective diagonal of screen is ~4.5 inch, that's less than iphone 6 out of 2014.

And not to forget that I can't use my Sony headphones with 3.5mm (that's a shot in their own leg, really)

Still have working Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc at home, with no front facing camera))

Had an Xperia T in the past... So much over the CrApple and sucksung at that time.... It had similar design.... Pure love!

LG Superfan, 12 Nov 2019Can anyone make a iPhone 4 like flat design? iPhone 4 was originally Sony's idea before Steve Jobs worked closely with them and bought the concept instead.

Shui8, 12 Nov 2019Hurm interesting. Still has my old Xperia Arc as a colle... moreThe thinnest part of the curve could be as thick as up to 7.5mm - enough to fit a 4000+ mAh battery.
The thickest part of the curve (top and bottom) could possibly accommodate the increase in thickness of the newer camera sensors, perhaps jumping to the sub-1" territory with Quad Bayer filter, embedded DRAM, OIS, and wide aperture in the mix.

Can anyone make a iPhone 4 like flat design?

  • Anonymous

pro, 12 Nov 2019Need at least 4000mAh battery, audio jack and good camera s... moreSony uses IP68 since 2014.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2019" Surely the screen will remain OLED, but we’re still waiti... moreWhat's the point of having 120hz refresh rate if there is no way to enable it?

First I read the title and was afraid of finding another curved back that I don't like in hand. Then I saw the image and yes, really nice! I think I will really add Sony to the list of phone manufacturer to follow.

  • m2k

I loved the Arc design but hope this doesn't mean another smaller size battery in expense of this design as the inward curze could limit the capacity. They really need to move to 4000mah+ like other OEM already. I know they have great optimizations but still, they gotta compete with others.

Looks like an amateurish fake

Hurm interesting.

Still has my old Xperia Arc as a collector's item in my drawer lol. Good old days.

But as today standard? A lot of component space will be sacrificed by that design, especially battery.

  • Anonymous

Where's Xperia 2? Sony, please sack your marketing manager!

What a poor naming scheme Sony has... Xperia 10 < Xperia 5 < Xperia 1 < Xperia 3...

  • John Weak

I'd love to see the top & bottom bezels to be identical in size.

  • pro

Need at least 4000mAh battery, audio jack and good camera specs. IP68 would be nice too.

  • Light

The battery will be even smaller

  • Anonymous

" Surely the screen will remain OLED, but we’re still waiting to see whether Sony will jump the 90Hz hype train and provide its panel with the improved refresh rate."

Just one issue with that gsma team ...

" It turns out that there are more Sony devices that have a hidden 120Hz display mode disabled by the kernel. XDA Recognized Developer Myself5 went digging into the source to confirm to us that the Sony Xperia X, Sony Xperia X Performance, Sony Xperia XZ, Sony Xperia XZ1, Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact, Sony Xperia XA2, and Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra all support this screen mode. Basically, any new Sony phone except for the Sony Xperia X Compact should support this mode."

So, why using 90 when you have 120? Not even counting fact XZ2 Premium is 144 (also WRGB screen not mentioned by any site).

  • numero13

Xperia Arc 2020, superb

  • lol

as xperia fans, sony naming is a mess. so 3 is next year flagship, year after that they will run out of number