Flashback: the Nokia 808 PureView was from the future

17 November 2019
A higher resolution sensor with pixel binning for zooming and low-light shots six years before Androids started doing it.

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  • Anonymous

Sensor of Siii is not 37mm2. This is almost the size of 1/1.8".
Probably s3 had 8MP 1/5".

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2019and the phone hardware was from the past . vga screen and no scr... moreTrue but so are the other phones in the same year... Lol, please make better argument...

  • sayani

Still have it and use for picture taking. No better camera. Say what you want but it's true

  • Anonymous

and the phone hardware was from the past . vga screen and no screen protection , dead os at the time and outdated cpu .......

  • Anonymous

Someone needs to try making the 2020 version of the legendary Nokia 808.

  • Love the Community

I'm glad that the Isocell Bright HMX, IMX586, the future IMX686 and IMX sensors commissioned by Huawei are on their way to go back to where Nokia was when it comes to big sensors. Sensors are what makes pictures so good and the high MP count benefited from the big sensors.

I wish people stop stigmatizing Megapixels like "16MP and above not equal to better camera". The blame is not the high Megapixel count but the freakishly small sensors that was introduced after 808 PureView's release for the sake of Miniaturization.