Flashback: the Nokia 808 PureView was from the future

17 November 2019
A higher resolution sensor with pixel binning for zooming and low-light shots six years before Androids started doing it.

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  • xtcbt

YUKI93, 06 Jan 2020And it didn't have both OIS and Xenon flash. It is a great ... morepureview 808 has xenon flash

YUKI93, 19 Jan 2020Of course. You can always try to cheat things up with softw... moreHell yeah hope these manufacturers realise that

Popy, 18 Jan 2020Well enthusiasts like us want it back if it could bring bac... moreOf course. You can always try to cheat things up with software, but you definitely cannot cheat physics. At the end of the day, hardware definitely plays a much more important role.

YUKI93, 05 Jan 2020The only trouble is that no one wants a smartphone with thi... moreWell enthusiasts like us want it back if it could bring back better quality cameras than now and better battery right?

Kingslayer, 17 Nov 2019When Nokia was still revolutionary with the cameras but not... moreOh please, I definitely more than happy to choose Windows Phone over Android. Been using Android for 5 years from 2.3 until 6.0.1 before switching to Windows Phone and later to Windows 10 Mobile some 3.5 years ago to this day, definitely still not regretting that decision a single inch.

SpiritWolf, 18 Nov 2019Only thing i agree is somewhat limited dynamic range. And w... moreDefinitely will NOT going to call the P30 Pro a great camera phone. The water painting-like oversharpening was so horrendously bad, I ended up selling it.

Luckily Huawei fixed that with the Mate 30 Pro, finally at last! A superb camera phone with superbly great detail. Yes, there is a slight hint of oversharpening, but it was so minute that I barely noticed it even on my big FHD PC monitor.

Fayth, 18 Nov 2019me too, I wonder why flash is not popular in smartphoneToo expensive to make one. That is why after the Samsung Galaxy K zoom, Xenon flash on a smartphone is a total rarity.

MarkusLeto, 18 Nov 2019And this was way back when there was no AI processing on ph... moreThe 1020 is not definitely on par with the 808 because of smaller sensor size and lower pixel size. But the inclusion of OIS and RAW format support definitely made up for that.

About natural bokeh, I'm so with you. It's just pure hardware physics doing the job, and it looks great even today.

Jostian007, 19 Nov 2019Just a pity Panasonic couldn't get the processing quite rig... moreAnd it didn't have both OIS and Xenon flash. It is a great device, but it's not enough to win me over my Nokia Lumia 1020. It's the same problem with the 808's lack of OIS, it is a real struggle in low light condition. Keeping it stable isn't that simple.

YUKI93, 05 Jan 2020The only trouble is that no one wants a smartphone with thi... moreHuge shame

ZolaIII, 17 Nov 2019Yes as a fancy name as we know it today. Back in the days t... moreQuad Bayer and oversampling are so different. Quad Bayer is about merging four pixels into one, whereas oversampling is about producing a low-resolution photo while maintaining the same quality as its original resolution. Another difference is that oversampling didn't involve any number alterations, the pixel count remains the same whereas the pixel count for Quad Bayer camera would change because it wants to simulate the pixel count of a camera with native pixel count.

Popy, 17 Nov 2019I want 1\1.2 sensors back againThe only trouble is that no one wants a smartphone with thick cameras now, that's a shame.

  • Giuseppe Failla

That's not all the truth. iPhone 11 Pro e.g. might be better in most circumstances due to the advanced software, but AllAboutSymbian did a comparison recently, comparing it against the Nokia 808 PV and while the iPhone 11 Pro shots convince most of the times, when zooming in the Nokia 808 ones still do have less grain and show more natural details (instead of oversharpening and fake-details that seem like painted).

So for "pro" use, I'd still go for 808 PV, even if you need to do multiple shots on a Tripod sometimes, for HDR composition later on on the PC.

  • Anonymous

Can I still get one

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 17 Nov 2019You know what's so great about the Nokia 808 though? Som... morewow wow no bitter and hard truth than this.

big up man for honest comparison and assessment

  • Mivas_Greece

I have to correct GSMarena. The 808 has the second largest sensor, it is behind the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-CM1, which was released in 2014 and had a 1-inch sensor.

However, the Nokia 808 PureView is still unique and one of a kind in all aspects! Very nice to give a flashback on the old king of photography and audio recording (in the second, it might still be the king)

  • Anonymous

Samath N8 808 owner, 21 Nov 2019Nokia 808 had 1.3Ghz single core processor, with 256MB RAM.... moreSymbian was quite a gem. Just like the 808. And my omnia HD, galaxy beam, z ulta, axon m, r2d2 droid, etc. I still want the evangelion phone.

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2019We all remember what happened to Windows Phone but the ques... moreNokia 808 had 1.3Ghz single core processor, with 256MB RAM.
Try giving it just a 2.8Ghz single core processor with 2 GB RAM, and tell me what you found reg the UI...

Symbian was an obstruction to Americans in way of their Global spying. In fact, they rewarded Elop for destroying the original Finnish Nokia... So it won't come back, at least not in its older form and privacy setup.

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2019There is two major problem for this 1.reviewers will bash ... moreBy that logic we would only have one type of everything, but luckily that is not so.

But as long as people like sheep buy the same crap no matter what they actually need you are right. If they stop buying and asking what they want things will change fast.

If clothing stores only offered one type of uni-sex purple nylon burka $500 a piece, they would soon be asked if that is really all they got, and shortly some would offer something different.... But as long as people keep buying the overpriced crap, that is what we are offered.

It is called "supply and demand"...

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2019So true. But unfortunately not happening. Though quad bayer... moreWell yes you are right.
Lets see what next year will bring on the fields of justice and mobile technology.
The year of 2019 was very proising. Foldable devices, much better cameras, entry level devces with 3GB ram. Entry level devices with 4-5k mAh batteries, a lot better CPUs and GPUs improved QI charging and much more.