Flashback: the Nokia 808 PureView was from the future

17 November 2019
A higher resolution sensor with pixel binning for zooming and low-light shots six years before Androids started doing it.

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  • Anonymous

If there is not already, you should write an article about the development of gesture navigation, and Nokia too.
Because, N9 was from the future too.
I would still rather use its MeeGo instead of the spyware android

  • Anonymous

Nokia was so far ahead of its time.

They were also producing smartphones well before Apple and that were far more powerful than the original iPhone (which was really a feature phone with a fancy touch interface and not a smartphone at all--it couldn't install third party apps, it couldn't run a server or act as a hotspot, it had a complete crap camera). Anyway, Nokia doesn't get the credit it deserves.

It's sad that the original Finnish cell phone division that made all the great N series phones doesn't exist anymore and Nokia is just a brand operated by a totally unrelated company now.

  • AJ

Thanks for this amazing article. Took me back in time since I once owned an 808 and it was truly much ahead of its time. Nokia was seriously one of most innovative companies of all times. Not just the 808, even if we think about the innovations in design I think they were far ahead! I recall that Nokia was the one to come up with the first non-antenna mobile. Thanks Nokia! Happy that HMD Global took the challenge & are working on building the Nokia brand again. Good Luck!

  • Carol

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2019Oh god. Are you the same one that was spreading that fud in prev... moreAh yea, i forgot gsmarena has sudden experts commenting in their sections....

  • Carol

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2019Seriously. I wish a company would do that. Even better would b... moreEven though i give you right, i think they are not including panasonic because that one was more a camera with a bit of phone while this one is a phone with a great camera.

  • Carol

It still is.

  • Anonymous

EskeRahn, 18 Nov 2019We generally simply needs more variety, and these almost identic... moreThere is two major problem for this
1.reviewers will bash the phone
2.carriers and stores won't promote them. They just push iPhone or Samsung s models

  • Anonymous

Jimbob, 19 Nov 2019They need to refresh this phoneSeriously. I wish a company would do that.
Even better would be to convince the best of existing tech from other devices into one. And charge an unteasonable markup. Fat chace of course

  • Jimbob

They need to refresh this phone

  • Anonymous

matjaz, 18 Nov 2019how big is sensor on lumix dmc-cm11 inch. So bigger. They don't seem to fact check here so well anymore.

  • luvdebyn

Luv U Gsmarena/The person who put so much effort in this article. . I literally feel like crying reading this . I still have my Nokia N8 in working condition (minus bad battery back up). .
Back those days I remember How Nokia did so much R and D in terms Of Imaging and Video. . I so wanted something like 808+1020 In Android, Like a dream come true for the photograohy/videography Enthusiast( but feel pity for Nokia..sob sob).. Nokia was the only Company who had Huge budget for its R and D and not for Marketing Gimmick. .I hope the new Nokia gets all the tech and R and D of the old Nokia Mobiles.
Thank you Gsmarena for such wonderful Article depicting the huge potential of Nokia . . . .
Would luv to Read another Article on Meego/Maemo O.S as well. .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2019Not like that. You are ignoring crop factor. The f1.5 of note 1... moreOh god. Are you the same one that was spreading that fud in previous articles?
The f1.5 on the galaxies is miles ahead of an f9 on a full frame.
Stop spreading lies.

  • Xavi3r

This phone was screaming innovation. The mind-blowing camera, the sound recording, the screen, and much more and all this was being achieved with specs so low that today are unheard of. Nokia weren't afraid to try new and crazy things, it's such a shame that Nokia is not anymore, I'm not talking about Nokia HMD, I'm taking about the good old Finnish Nokia that was backed up by those bright minds that gave us this phone and symbian and meego and so much more.

  • Anonymous

We all remember what happened to Windows Phone but the question remains unanswered: 'Could Symbian UI/UE be fixed?'

  • matjaz

how big is sensor on lumix dmc-cm1

  • Anonymous

Still holding to that phone, in perfect working condition.

  • Fitbri

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2019That's the problem on recent phones, camera sensors are tiny We... moreGreat article.
Agree. No messy looking multi cameras. Just one really solid beast with a large sensor and top line processing

Proud owner of Nokia 808 pureview and nokia 1020, Still having these 2 phones in perfect condition. the value is going to increase for these day by day. The one good thing with 808 compared with 1020 is the 808 is small and handy so, we can take it to anyplace and half the size of my Galaxy note 9.

Incredible article to be written in these days.
The Pureview's sensor was nothing like any of the 40s megapixel Quadbayer sensors we are seeing nowadays.
It is way way better.

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2019Binning does not work for video. Huawei does not record HDR not... moreOf course it does, the real time HDR readout function is there so that HDR image can be captured... literally in real time. It's a function that is mainly for videos and Mate 20 Pro, P30 Pro and Mate 30 Pro all captures HDR videos in FFC (but NOT in the rear, apart from Mate 20 Pro). It becomes less effective in low light, but works great during the day.

By the way just in case you are being confused, by HDR videos I mean videos with extended dynamic range like what you see on iPhone, not videos that have been recorded in HDR10/HLG format.