The new Motorola Razr is here with a 6.2" Flex View foldable screen

14 November 2019
It has Snapdragon 710, one 16 MP camera and a 2,510 mAh non-removable battery.

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SD710, under 3K Battery, Single Main Camera, Not a very Fast Charging for $1.5K .? OMG.

  • koo

Baby battery?

  • UI Goku

>snapdragon 710

hahahahahahaha, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Peace of garbage, litterally 250 dollar phones will have same or better internals, poled screen costing 1250 dollars for you, think about it :)

  • MrPhone

Kingslayer, 14 Nov 2019This Razr reborn is very small when closed, very narrow whe... moreThe problem is the chipset. Only SD710? That's not classy. SD730 is better, but if you want it then go ahead

This Razr reborn is very small when closed, very narrow when opened, and it doesn’t have a glass back which I absolutely hate. It also has more RAM than any of my current phones I own. I'm totally in. Shut up and take my money!

Kingslayer, 14 Nov 2019I woke up from a nap and saw Michael Fisher talk about it. ... moreThe problem with folding phones right now is durability honesty (the screen is still plastic) but rumors are saying the next fold will be using microglass or something to improve scratch protection atleast

The notch was totally unnecessary.

People forget the original RAZR V3 was expensive and its specs were mediocre too. I owned a Motorola V600 in May 2004 and it was nearly the same as the RAZR that would be released in November of that same year. RAZR still sold 130M and was the most common dumb phone for 4 years.

It's not like I plan to use this RAZR as my main phone beyond a year. I'm still very happy with my Pixel 3 & Essential Phone acting like my Batman & Robin with my trusty LG G5 on the reserve list in case those two gets broken, lost, or stolen. This RAZR is something to fill the gap before the Surface Duo is out while taking a nostalgia trip along the way.

My current daily drivers -
Google Pixel 3
Essential Phone

My next daily drivers -
Motorola Razr
Microsoft Surface Duo

My next phones got to be clamshells again...

  • Shiny Dave

The early adopter tax for foldables really is immense. It'll be interesting to see how far along we go before we see a three-digit price on a foldable.

  • s-pen pusher

the hinge, the allowance inside the casing that allows for the foldable screen to form an arc, and the external screen are the reason for the small battery and the single camera. the rest follows thru with this limitation from the battery capacity- current midrange chipset to allow for previous years' flagship features while being more power efficient; single camera because the chipset has limited image processing capacity. this just makes sense because to accomodate bigger battery the device would have been thicker. it's just really that the pricing is way up there.

  • Shaun

Weak battery, slow charging compared to today's standards, last year's processor, Android Pie and $1,500. Yeah, I'm sure it'll sell very well.

  • Anonymous

all promising until i saw the price. it's ok to go for mid ranger market, but at least put 3.5mm jack back on for mid range budgetters.

  • AnonD-833125

Everybody hyped about this phone.
Me: I am just glad I am healthy and have a steady job.

I woke up from a nap and saw Michael Fisher talk about it. I'm with Mr. Mobile.."I'm going to buy this phone. I'm buying this phone already. Doesn't matter. I love it."

7:00 mark. Truth, Mike!

It's a nostalgia trip for me. I owned two of the original RAZRs in black that were my daily driver on Cingular/AT&T for 2006 and 2007. I want to own a Motorola flip phone again!

I know the specs are weak. A mid-range SoC from nearly two years ago. I don't care. I want something different or unique again in a sea of slab sameness...

My next phones are going to have clamshell designs. Newest RAZR and Surface Duo. And this RAZR is going to be my daily driver because it's small when closed and Motorola and Nokia are tops with reception quality.

This won't be some novelty device for me. It's going to be my main phone. But man, that price is killer. I'll wait when it drops below $700. I just have to get this phone.

Wow those specs, that battery capacity with only 15W charging for this price?!

Even for a concept futuristic device with new cutting edge technology inside this is unacceptable, Galaxy Fold for 2k$ is a really good deal next to this Motorola.

People complaining about specs/price - it's obviously not meant to be a phone for the masses, it's aimed at people willing to pay extra to have something... Extra. People who buy these kind of things usually don't care about price/performane ratio, they just want to have something special.

I'm not buying it either way but I really enjoy the design, I think THIS is the future of foldable phones - a compact device unfolding into a large phone, NOT a large phone unfolding into a tablet like Samsung/Huawei ones.

YUKI93, 14 Nov 2019You want new tech for cheap money? Knock the door to the Ch... moreNew tech what? It's the same thing as fold and that huawei phone, except that this has crappy specs and different orientation

  • Anonymous

Battery & processor is not convincing at that price. Single camera is not bad wither but lack of OIS is disgusting. Phone should be redesigned to get rid of that notch and reduce that bottom bezels..

Who needs useful thing like that for 1500$ ?? It's doesn't bring new things like what galaxy fold or huawei mate x brings ! In addition, don't forget that it comes with a midrange CPU ! Trash!