The new Motorola Razr is here with a 6.2" Flex View foldable screen

14 November 2019
It has Snapdragon 710, one 16 MP camera and a 2,510 mAh non-removable battery.

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I want a new flip phone so I'll be buying Nokia 2720 for only $90 -,-

That hinge mechanism that folds the phone in a semi circular fashion, protecting it on the inside, is how I had suggest Samsung should have done it, for the Samsung Fold. It helps with both the fold and dust resistance.

The new Motorola Razr is DoA. Very mediocre specs. The fold mechanism and that classic timeless design seem to be the only draw. Everything else is just plan mediocre or rather disappointing.

  • Anonymous

Too expensive. I'd pay $700 tops for it.

Absolutely beautiful execution (except for the big chin) the screen is amazing without the crease, take note of that Samsung. Meh camera and meh chipset, had they bumped up those specs then it will justify the price but otherwise it looks really amazing.

  • s-pen pusher

CompactPhones5ever, 14 Nov 2019People complaining about specs/price - it's obviously not m... moreit really depends- there certainly would be a market for 2-in-1 foldables like the galaxy fold and mate x; then there is a market for this clamshell form factor and this is the reason samsung will soon be outing a similar form factor. there may even be even more markets for other form-factors of the foldable/bendable screens- like a rollable screen.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2019I do not trust CGI images. This phone need 2 things to b... moreYou can view the non "CGI" youtube of this phone.

And yes, the unfolding is rigid. Maybe not for you, but maybe for others.

Retro looking brings back memories. Innovation quickly forgotten.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Could they not have shipped it with a flagship tier chip at this price-point? :<

Lenovo only plans to manufacture 200,000 of these, so whoever owns one, count yourself as lucky. No way the price ever drops below $1,500 with its scarcity.

  • Anonymous

I do not trust CGI images.

This phone need 2 things to be successful.

1. Ease of open and closing. Basically flip like a normal flip phone. If i have to use 2 hands to flip it open.. then its a failure IMO.
2. Durability.

Having hold a Samsung fold before, i know the hurdles Motorola need to overcome. Its not easy. Maybe a spring loaded flip out?.. Not sure.

After lot of reviews watched, seriously, this thing is dope.

Compact, nostalgic, modernized, basic.

Folding phone done right. Congratz Moto.

  • niklex

My Galaxy s10+ with a bigger screen is smaller... Why should I fold a 6.2" screen??? It is already small enough. And this chin... 14 mm thick.

  • Anonymous

great concept, utterly terrible execution, like they managed to bungle up every single checklist possible.

  • artkicz

and this phone could be a big deal! I dont know about you, but Im sick off big phones that u have to remove from ur pocked in order to sit

MrMobile has done a fantastic hands on video of the device.

Basically, Moto has nailed the folding concept, and the hinge mechanism is actually more mature than the Galaxy Fold. Specs are outdating due to the phone being in development for 4 years. Camera is the same one as on the OnePlus 6 (which isn't that bad). At $1500, it is not suitable for the average buyer who want the best specs for the price. It is for those who want the bleeding edge of technology, and like to stand out from the crowd.

I personally definitely dig it, but have decided to wait for a followup model, which should be a bit more upto-date with the specs, and improvements in the design.

  • M s

Moto may earn some money afterwards prices will be reduced

  • pouya725

nice design

Funny thing is I didn't really care much for the original RAZR when I had it (Feb 2006-Jan 2008). I didn't find it anymore different than my chunkier V600. This new one, I seem to love it already before even owning it.

That $1,500 price is tough to swallow though. I know foldable displays being expensive but a fair price would be $700 or closer to the og RAZR's price of $600. C'mon, it has 2-year-old specs.

Verizon and Motorola have such a great working relationship. Moto's DROIDs are usually found on Verizon since they both promoted Android back in 2009. So this Razr being a Verizon exclusive doesn't surprise me.

The only caveat that will prevent me from owning this phone is that price. The carrier I can live with. Even the outdated specs I can live with considering I still use a 2016 LG G5 and 2017 Essential Phone. And both still work like a charm.

It's that price. It's got to be around $700 initially or down to $400 after a year. Then I'll run out and buy it.

Looks cool but definitely not for $1500. At $699, on sale for $399 would have been more reasonable. At $1500 I can definitely live with a non-foldable phone.

I think they could have bumped up the selfie camera a bit regardless of the option to use the main camera