The new Motorola Razr is here with a 6.2" Flex View foldable screen

14 November 2019
It has Snapdragon 710, one 16 MP camera and a 2,510 mAh non-removable battery.

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Anonymous, 14 Nov 2019Funny you say that cause the most coveted phone in the worl... moreAnd what may that phone be

  • Alexx

Good luck protecting this phone... gosh!

To me, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, and new Motorola Razr are some of the most exciting announcements in the mobile industry since the original iPhone.

It's ok take a page from Hollywood. Take something old and make it something new again. There was time before 2010 when phones came in different form factors. It's ok to have variety again.

Shaun, 14 Nov 2019Weak battery, slow charging compared to today's standards, ... moreMan 15 W charger can top up 2500 mAh battery in maybe 25-30 minutes. Whats your problem???
You not buying this phone for its specs but for foldable screen technology which is a lot better than Foold or Mate X brings for much bigger price.

CptPower, 14 Nov 2019Man it will outsell even galaxy fold. If Jerry proves its... moreif you care about bend tests i feel sad about you.

s-pen pusher, 14 Nov 2019sadly, motorola is now owned by lenovo- a chinese company.Still build within borders of USA.
And lenovo doing great products and devices.
I ont see a problem with it.
Anyway every single company is making their devices in china vietnam or simmilar.
It doesnt matter from where your brand comes all have one common a country wghere the things are made.
Even big Los Angeless brand like Versace or Guess. have on sticker made in china.

  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2019Why is there a need for such a large jutting chin?Then show me how the Razr 2019 would look like and I'll vomit on it saying that it's impossible. I'm glad the Razr 2019 looked just like the old Razr. The chin there has speakers and most tech has to fit inside since the body is Razr thin, lol.

tulai, 14 Nov 2019seriously, $1500 price tag for s710 and memory of distant p... moreMan it will outsell even galaxy fold.
If Jerry proves its more durable then the possibility is big.

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2019Who the hell would buy it for that price ?Me for example its a great device.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2019Motorola invented mobile phones...They axtually made military sattelite grade huge phones and Cellular devices. Mobile phones based on GSM networks were first made by nokia, the network it self also.

This is kind of disappointing :( I hoped that, since the phone can fold to a small size, they would be able to make it slightly wider than typical phone, but with only 72mm, this thing is going to be narrow and long, no different than most other phones on the market. Small text is going to be barely readable on this thing without zooming in.

Not even Android 10??

  • Aadrian

Looks awesome, been waiting for a foldable like this! 50% nostalgia, 50% 2019 tech.

  • Anonymous

Why is there a need for such a large jutting chin?

  • Alex

AresinUAE, 14 Nov 2019Absolutely beautiful execution (except for the big chin) th... moreTotal waste phone who will use flip phone in 2020. only huawei mate x rocks motorola era is over dated brand now.

  • Anonymous

Looks cool. But it is very expensive.

  • jou

I can say just WOW!!!
Will buy it for sure!

  • Anonymous

The last Oracle, 14 Nov 2019That hinge mechanism that folds the phone in a semi circula... moreFunny you say that cause the most coveted phone in the world right now is nowhere nesr the top android flagships in terms of specs. And I'm not even a fan of that brand.

ILoveSmartphones, 14 Nov 2019you are paying for screen technology not cpu and batteryWhat screen technology? It's not like we are getting 10" screen! it is basically the screen size offered by almost everyone! I am sorry, I do not buy that logic!

niklex, 14 Nov 2019My Galaxy s10+ with a bigger screen is smaller... Why shou... moreYou are missing the point. A lot of people carry their phones in small front pockets and cling on to old and small phones, whilst shying away from the current trend of 6"+ devices.

This phone in pocket is much smaller than your S10+ that stretches nearly 16cm from top to bottom. The RAZR is less than 10cm tall when folded.

The chin is part of the RAZR's iconic design, it has nothing to do with modern smartphone trends and bezel less displays.