T-Mobile to offer BOGO and special discounts for phones, tablets and smartwatches starting tomorrow

14 November 2019
Participating devices include the Galaxy S10 and Note10 series as well as several smartwatches and tablets.

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  • anonymous

MiMax3user, 14 Nov 2019No point and NOT really a discount or good deal. Why? C... moreThe point is, you can get a 2nd phone for free.

If you have 2 lines, and you are paying $120 for the plan, add a 3rd line and it is $20. So instead of paying another money for two extra phone, you will only pay for 1 because the other one is free via monthly credit. At the end of the day, you still get the 2nd phone for free instead of paying for 2 phones.

  • Anonymous

Never buy any carrier locked phone. Unless you want to use only one carrier sim and wait for updates longer and longer. And if you buy android phone it will be full of carrier bloatware.

  • MiMax3user

It is never "or add a new line", and just activate the new phone when you go to the store.

Cause it is most likely if not definitely "add a new line" when you asking them about the deal.

New activation often means "new line(s) added", and not just the existing ones.

So, monthly payment of the phone + the line. You basically pay it all back in the next 24 months.

  • MiMax3user

No point and NOT really a discount or good deal.

Why? Cause you pay it all back with 24 months (with whatever monthly payment that is).

Take the phone for example,
31.xx( 32 dollars ) each month for the next 24 months WITH a additional new line(get another one FREE with monthly bill credits when they join T-Mobile and activate both new smartphones or add a voice line on an existing qualifying rate plan.)

  • Mel

The catch is you have to add a line! I have 11 lines already and no good deal for customer that is been with them for 11yrs.

  • Anonymous

For the $200 off the smart watch, do you have to activate a new voice line?

  • DueTheDew

Been with T Mobile since 98! Love em