Samsung Galaxy S11 to bring Director's View, Night Hyperlapse and slimmer bezels

18 November 2019
The new camera modes were unearthed in One UI 2.0 beta code.

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[deleted post]"It still works as advertised"
Let's see what Huawei advertises on their site:
"With the 256x Ultra Slow-motion Video feature, you can easily catch amazing moments up to 7680 fps"
"All data has been obtained within Huawei lab test environments."
No it does not work as advertised, because you can't "catch" a moment "up to 7680fps". If there were really such a moment you would've missed it since it only "catches" a moment up to 1920fps. Unless what you mean is "All data has been obtained within Huawei lab test environments." gives Huawei leeway to lie whatever way they want?

"unlike Samsung that passes off DSLR pictures as ones from their phones"
Not this, this of all the excuses you could make. From at least as early as P9 Huawei has been caught numerous times posing DSLR samples as their own camera samples, and they never apologized. That's their shameless nature, and by the looks of it, yours too. Samsung at least apologized, and have not been caught as often.

"I also see a hint of attempts to condemn Huawei and praise Samsung in just about every point you make."
I also see a hint of attempts to condemn Samsung and praise Huawei in just about every point you make.
Say something useful.

"1920 fps provides no practical benefits therefore must not be implemented"
Which I never said. I said the first half, following your argument that 7680's use is limited. Obviously 1920's is too. I think we know who's delusional here.

"End of conversation."
Off you go, little Huawei troll.

[deleted post]"their processing can easily reflect a Leica"
Leica is just a filter, wow, Leica must be so happy to hear that. Well if you push your Huawei fanboyism that far I guess Mate30P's UWA "Leica" is very "Leica" since it has horrendous falloff pulled back in processing resulting in unuseable SNR in the edges and corners in low light and that 4:3 crop in night mode, since there's too little signal to stack in the edges and corners.

Indeed Leica M lenses tend to have heavy falloff because they value compactness. But this does not hold true for Leica R, L or S lenses.
Some very amusing excuse making for Huawei even though it's laughably obvious that it doesn't stand. P30P and Mate30P also have fundamentally different processing, I'm reckon one must imitate an M10 with a Summarex and the other a T with a Hektor? LMFAO.

"You likely have no idea how photography works, if you think Snapseed and Lightroom have much difference."
You're blissfully ignorant to be spewing that. I have 7 years' experience with LR starting from LR4 and about 4 months with Snapseed before I found a Gcam port that output DNG, at which point I reverted to LR. The ways in which Snapseed falls short are countless, the only notable advantage is superior texture fill in spot removal, and a few fancy effects, but inadequate control over results, for amateurs who need them.

[deleted post]"Trained consumer sheeps"?

"Samsung cameraphones might actually tank in quality thanks to that 108 MP sensor. Nobody likes pixel binned photos the size of 2 MP3 songs."
This makes zero sense. Enlighten me on your logic behind this.

"their lens is not all that great compared to a Sony/Leica/Zeiss lens"
Looks like you're oblivious to the fact that Samsung once had a line of ILCs with a set of very decent lenses. Note10 has questionable lens design, but this is not a trend and Samsung's flagships have had decent lenses before. Also Sony's Xperia 5 for example has horrible lenses. Notebookcheck recently reviewed it and reported severe barrel distortion on all lenses, including the 2x, a very perplexing design flaw. And the so-called Leica lenses on Huaweis are entirely Chinese designed and built, no need to call them Leica, and their performance is not without fault either. Neither are "Zeiss" branded smartphone lenses really designed or manufactured by Zeiss. Even citing these brands exposes your vulnerability to marketing buzzwords and lack of understanding of the industry, not a favorable position to be calling others sheep.

"Also, the data is too much to process, as a result of which we might start to see problems other than just laggy software."
You speak as if we don't see improvements in ISPs or the option of discrete ISPs. This sensor is without precedent and exactly why there's need to speak from results. Xiaomi brought forth a compromised combination due to its price range, I'll see what Samsung manages with the latest flagship SoC and ample budget before making conclusions.

"There is no need to buy a $1000 phone to get good photos. I can do the same with $300 phone and Snapseed."
You wanted to sound smart but you chose the wrong software to brag about. Snapseed's DNG interface is exasperating and locks you in to your adjustments before allowing access to other modules in JPG edit, the whole workflow is counterintuitive not to mention the final render rarely accurately reflects the preview in the editing interface. Getting "good photos" from Snapseed is a huge annoyance, unless you edit JPG in which case what it could fix is very limited, all in all not comparable to shooting Gcam DNG and editing in LR.

[deleted post]My argument only nullifies your argument, "These same Samsung defenders say 7680 fps slomo on a Huawei...", pointing out that it's based on Huawei lies. And it's very clearly interpolated, whatever algorithm they used it's nothing sophisticated. If you can't tell then it's your fanboyism blinding you. My argument is that there is no 7680fps capture existent on a Huawei device, not what's "high" or "low". Childish.

"Also, you would likely not use..."
Entirely beside the point what 7680fps could or could not capture. There is no 7680fps captured and whatever you can't capture at 1920fps you still couldn't capture interpolating 1 frame into 4. It's a lie for the sake of catching eyeballs. Following the same line of argument I could argue that true 960fps is enough to capture most fleeting moments in daily life, and 1920 provides no practical benefits.

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Nick Tagataka, 20 Nov 2019Mate 30 Pro's video recording capability is obviously not o... moreNote doesn't struggle in low light. It's on par with iPhone 11 in video. Huawei not much behind.
While in photo, Huawei is ahead of both Samsung and Apple but not by a huge margin.

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[deleted post]Processing power and AI will improve with newer chipset.
HDR doesn't take more processing time on modern Smartphones

Dont forget to add punch hole and inscreen fingerprint scanner with issues like a last time where users had to have hole in glass screen protector to make their fingerprint scanners work.

[deleted post]I think the image quality will get better from Note 10+ due to the new 108MP sensor. Sure, Samsung's lens design is nowhere near as good as those from Nokia or Huawei and they will surely have even harder time dealing with chromatic aberrations and loss of corner sharpness, but if the processing will stay the same, it's safe to assume that the overall detail level will be improved an so will the low light performance due to an increase in sensor size and sheer MP count.
And remember, we're talking about a Tetracell sensor here so the effective resolution is actually only 27MP, and I'm sure the new ISPs inside SD/Exynos are powerful enough to handle it.

AverageUser, 19 Nov 2019Well I assume that you'd answer those questions if you want... moreMate 30 Pro's video recording capability is obviously not on the level of iPhone 11 Pro but it puts up a hella good fight against Note 10+. And of course Note struggles in low light video recording, not as much as older Huawei phones do but certainly more than the new Mate does.

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Samsung is the first one to put curved screen phone to the market

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The last Oracle, 18 Nov 2019Samsung needs to have a Log Profile to complement its 10-bi... moreYou do realize that third party camera apps allow this on the phone already.

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Waterfall screen design is really ugly. Real glad Samsung didn't decide to go with it.

"Edge" > "Waterfall"

Nick Tagataka, 19 Nov 2019"Huawei is just plainly bad when it comes to the video, end... moreWell I assume that you'd answer those questions if you wanted to discuss it, am I right? But answers wouldn't look good for Huawei if you did tho...

These are "nice to have" things, but I'd need mostly two things to upgrade to an S11
- NO punchole/notch/other abomination on my screen
- better SoT

YUKI93, 19 Nov 2019Director's View. Is Samsung gunning at Sony's Xperia 1 and 5?More like Samsung is gunning at iPhone 11 Pro's Filmic Pro integration, it'll be a cool feature to have on a phone nonetheless.

[deleted post]Spot on,mate.Finally a decent comment,everybody jumping high when they hear 8k,or 100+ megapixels...I guess being a trained consumer is tough these days,too many temptations...:)

AverageUser, 19 Nov 2019Lol, since when Samsung had 4K video? And 4K at 60fps? And ... more"Huawei is just plainly bad when it comes to the video, end of discussion"
How about putting more effort on keeping yourself updated with latest information instead of "ending" the discussion simply because you don't want to discuss about it?

Out of Control, 18 Nov 2019Your comments all seem to be anti-Samsung and very negative... moreI literally just said I would still have been against the idea of having 8K video recording even if it was Apple or Huawei, maybe you could've spent a bit more time on reading my comment properly?
As for me being showing negative attitude towards Samsung in phone-camera related articles, well their recent flagships have particularly poor still image quality compared to its rivals, I shoot tons of photos with my phone as a hobby and its camera was one of a few reasons and the most significant reason why I didn't go for S10+ but instead got the regular S10 and P30. In other words, if it hadn't had a bad oilpainting generator then everything about S10+ could've been perfect hence I didn't have to get myself an another phone. It's like an Achilles' heel of Samsung's high end phones right now and I think it's a problem they should fix it immediately, hence negativity.

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Anonymous, 19 Nov 2019The members of the board of investors as well as the manage... moreDidn't AKG sell wired headphones too? Since Samsung bought AKG, Samsung will still take the cut from the total amount of people who buy Wired Headphones.

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Anonymous, 18 Nov 2019Does it have headphone jack? The members of the board of investors as well as the management might starve if they cannot sell the wireless Galaxy Buds.