Huawei announces the MatePad Pro, a flagship tablet with punch-hole display

25 November 2019
It comes with all the flagship specs like a QHD AMOLED display, Kirin 990 and a large 7,250 mAh battery.

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  • Anonymous

But the actually launched screen is not OLED.

  • mypaaapu

very excellent tablet
but please put options of use multiple Bluetooth.

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2019referring 4 year old phones while talking about freaking sd... moreI've already seen and used an S10. Didn't stay long as there's a lot of bloatwares. Went back to galaxy note 8.
Didn't held a note 10 pro yet. But have you?

GAMIRSFM, 25 Nov 2019Then why they made the Galaxy A80?The problem is not in Samsung company, it is environment demand. They made phone without front facing camera because they can and because people wanted it.

  • IUSH

S Yu, 25 Nov 2019From personal experience an IPS that could dim to 1nit or l... moreIf you were born little earlier, you would prefer the TFT LCD over all.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2019 High-end tablets are pointless.Much like your opinion

"The first tablet with hole in the world", announced by Richard Yu

  • Anonymous

High-end tablets are pointless.

vrvly, 25 Nov 2019I included those prices, there is however a little to choos... moreFrom personal experience an IPS that could dim to 1nit or lower is better for reading than AMOLED, as the PWM is exacerbated at lower brightness levels, but for watching films, yes AMOLED affords additional contrast.

S Yu, 25 Nov 2019"usage like reading, watching, for utub or the like" If th... moreI included those prices, there is however a little to choose from if you want QHD for books and amoled like blacks for movies or w&b reading. Capability to play 4K and use pen is the biggest difference, but when deciding between new flagships, difference in 150 to 200 is big.

vrvly, 25 Nov 2019New hw, fast processor, amoled,.. at price of tabS4 or 150 ... more"usage like reading, watching, for utub or the like"
If that's all you need then the options are many, also buying second-handed is always better value.

Nick Tagataka, 25 Nov 2019Invalid comparison. Cheaper iPads don't come with quad spea... moreJust buy an older one. I recently discovered the first app ever that would actually make my 1st gen iPP lag, the Complete Anatomy 2020. If I upgrade to a 2nd gen iPP, which still has the jack but with a much faster SoC, more storage, and improved touch, I trust it would also run smoothly like every other app on my iPP. 3rd gen is obviously more future-proof, but far more expensive, and the glaring flaws(lack of ports, weak chassis integrity) rules it out for me.

New hw, fast processor, amoled,.. at price of tabS4 or 150 less than tabS6. OS restriction in tablet is of no problem to me, based on usage like reading, watching, for utub or the like is browser good enough.
S5e is still the price champion though with its sharp & deep black screen.

Dorsefrith, 25 Nov 2019In tablets you have planty of room, you use front facing ca... moreThen why they made the Galaxy A80?

  • Stupid_Triangles

They just released their MediaPad M6 this past summer, which is a pretty great tablet series. The 10.8 Pro version started at a higher price than this which kinda makes that one obsolete. I hope this has a headphone jack, as the M5 dropped it.

  • Anonymous

Google play is good, but a time will come when people will realize it is not necessary to have google services. Huawei is second largest phone manufacturer. Its huge world , companies will eventually move to independence, new app stores will pop up.

  • Anonymous

My dream tablet comes true. Huawei, Please make the wifi version at least available internationally.

  • Paul

If no Play store it wont sell well. But why still LCD, oled please to have a choice from Samsung.

hmm, 25 Nov 2019As long as A12 chip dont run android and is only optimized ... moreSimilar apps running on different API should still theoretically indicate the true power of the chipset.
Many games that were already optimized intentionally for some selected flagship Android phones still don't run beyond 120fps, while even an iPhone X would fly with beyond 120fps graphics for the same exact game.
And you're gonna argue that the display is only FHD, but as if that wasn't once enough for you....

  • hmm

Vasra, 25 Nov 2019No 3.5mm, silly nmcard. FAIL. Even the cheaper (and fast... moreAs long as A12 chip dont run android and is only optimized for iOS then it does not destroy anything. Cant really compare something that is designed for one specs versus chips that dont have limits to run only on one os and one set of specs sheet. Both Snapdragon and Kirin is made to run on lots of different hardware and not limited and only optimized for one OS system.

Only thing Apple products destroy is the customer wallet and nothing more