Honor V30 Pro Beijing photo tour - check out the camera samples

28 November 2019
We take an early look at Honor's new SuperSensing Triple camera setup and just how well it performs.

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  • muraliperumal

Please also check the selfie capabilities and show us some samples as usual. It would be very interesting to see the difference between the Huawei nova 6 5g

  • Pajson89

Looks like best camera on the phone

  • Anonymous

More manufacturers should choose this UWA path. These are much more useful than super distorted low quality 12/13mm which loses its field of view when corrected

This is by far the best camera performance I've seen on a phone. This rekts that 108MP Samsung and Xiaomi sensor co-developed. I hope Sony's upcoming 60MP will look this good as well. Smartphone camers are getting very exciting.

The sample are... very good! Huawei are more mature now on image processing, thanks to the new RAW noise reduction applied within Kirin 990 ISP.

Really love the UWA implementation. Its like an actual camera kit lens. Not so wide, but also not the GoPro fisheye style from their previous one along with most of camera phone now on every company.

Specsheet havent reveal what sensor used for UWA, but thanks to the big sensor size, natural creamy bokeh is present.

So almost the same cameras as Mate 30 Pro sans large sensor for the UWA lens. Overall image quality is top notch just as I expect from Huawei's flagship phone, though I'm disappointed with the fact that they still haven't fixed the bug where the image crops into 4:3 aspect ratio when using the UWA lens in Night Mode. The lens quality doesn't seem to be as good as Mate 30 Pro too but maybe I'm just nitpicking here.

Great cameras nonetheless, probably the best you can find on any phones at the similar price range.

  • s-pen pusher

the regular and the ultra-wide looks okay for me, but the telephoto, as always the case with most telephoto cameras for smartphones anyway, are a bit lacking in details. hdr is, i would say, mixed bag with these samples; and the low light samples are quite saturated than needed, i mean low lit shots are meant to be less with colors otherwise you could have just waited for daylight or light up the scene if you wanted the colors to be captured. i am not a photographer though so this comment doesn't matter.

Hope this phone released soon, and smashed the p30 pro price. Of which i could finally buy with my meager salary.

Very good quality.

  • Anonymous

Lstar4real, 28 Nov 2019Wow The camera is very good and no over exposure in Night m... moreHonor will not send to dxo, they said already.

Wow The camera is very good and no over exposure in Night mode pics .....,The night mode look very clean and details ....it will smash record Dxo ....No wonder Honor don't want to compete with mate 30 pro....I love this Phone camera ...

The photos are as good as most Huawei smartphones. Perhaps among the top 10 camera phones. Maybe not path breaking.

  • Sean

Good quality actually