Weekly poll results: clamshells beat other foldable designs

01 December 2019
Despite losing a similar poll earlier this year, clamshells shot up in popularity shortly after Motorola unveiled the Razr 2019.

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  • 04 Dec 2019

while razr has a better mechanism in folding, i very (by a mile) much prefer the galaxy fold style of inward fold.
when folded, it is better to have a candy bar form factor than a weird square like what we are seeing now with the razr 2019

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    • 03 Dec 2019

    Well since we going back to flippy why doesn't TCL/Blackberry make a fold-able with keyboard? Its cheaper than a fold-able display anyway right? x-x

      All the people that voted for clamshell phones wouldn't get one with their own money. There is a cool factor to a phone like the new Moto RAZR, but its mostly a mix of "cool new tech" and nostalgia. After a week or two of usage you will come to realize that it simply fits better into your pocket and is awkward to hold for anything but calls.

      My ideal foldable is a phone that when folded is like a regular 6" AMOLED with thin bezels (for example the Samsung Galaxy S10) and when unfolded it looks like a small tablet (Huawei Mate X). It has to be thin and of course durable enough to withstand a fall from a regular height. If the Mate X folded inwards and still had that 6 inches display outside, I would simply be the king.

        Vic4BBM, 01 Dec 2019Clamshell RAZR is more viable option as of date. Not all... moreAgree, the Razr has a better fold solution because when fold up it hide the curved screen in the side frame, this is much clever/better than other foldable design, but all of the fold phones still not waterproof and very expensive.
        I have a suggestion just make the next Razr without notch, bring back a straight screen without any weird black shape on the top of the screen.
        On the down side, when you take photos the Razr must be slower startup because waste the time on unfold the phone. On the good side, the selfie and main camera are shared it is a good idea.

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          • 02 Dec 2019

          PepperPot, 01 Dec 2019The razr is more pocket-able and durable, but why do I need... moreAgreed. Samsung needs to work on their cover screen aesthetics as well, not just the main screen.

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            • 02 Dec 2019

            Customers sometimes never know what they want until you demonstrate to them about what they may want

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              • 02 Dec 2019

              PepperPot, 01 Dec 2019The razr is more pocket-able and durable, but why do I need... moreFor me 6.2 inch is much too big but when it is a foldable it becomes to be a Mini, not everyone needs a tablet in his pocket.

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                  • 01 Dec 2019

                  Just like that Huawei Mate X is already dead. No one want it anymore after seeing what others can do. Razr is the best so far in foldable category. Hope to see more such phone in 2020.

                    Well why i am not surprised.

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                      • 01 Dec 2019

                      If the surface duo is supposed to be so great, why hasn't there been any long discussion about the g8x? Seems not too different from the surface.

                        Clamshell RAZR is more viable option as of date.

                        Not all tasks need huge screen space. Efficiency is better when fingers reach out to task buttons quickly. Plus design trend is of a thinner body and manageable width. In both parameters RAZR fits the bill. When closed it does the tasks that can be managed for smaller screen and once unfolded, larger area is available yet it fits into single hand with width of just 72 mm. When folded it becomes very handy.

                        On other hand Galaxy fold is way too tall even in folded conditions for fingers to reach. Unfolded it's 117something in width, which will not be a comfortable hold in longer run. It seems more like a marketing ( and costly) gimmick rather than an innovation. Same with Huawei. Yet to see product details from Xiaomi.

                        In short as of day RAZR seems more likely to be accepted rather than Samsung or Huawei, as far as phone design is concerned.
                        Microsoft on other hand is more like a folded tablet rather than a mobile phone ( though it has calling feature). It stands different from Samsung and Huawei.

                        Will be interesting if Apple enters the game of folded design.

                          The razr is more pocket-able and durable, but why do I need to fold a 6.2 inch phone? Samsung's design has more potential. Once they slim it down, remove the gap and increase the size of the front screen no one will bother with the razr unless they can get it for $500.00. When Samsung introduces their clamshell the razr will be long forgotten.

                            Clamshells are best cell phone design from the beginning itself.

                              My opinion changed as well between inward and outward. I originally preferred the Mate X over the Fold when I saw it on YouTube. Realized the "innie" was the better solution as the display can be protected when closed. The Mate X's "outtie" is just asking to get broken or scratched repeatedly.

                              I think the Motorola Razr has one of the coolest phone designs ever. One of the best I've seen in THIS decade. That's ironic when it essentially is the RAZR from 15 years ago and I wasn't a fan of the original. I guess I just miss flip phones so much that I forget how beautiful they can be. And they were essentially the norm back then for a time.

                              My new gripe with Razr other than the price and those 2018 mid-range specs is no wireless charging. I just got a Zero Goal Sherpa 100PD recommended by Michael Fisher (Mr. Mobile) and I love that my Pixel 3 can just lay on top of it to be charged. My Essential and LG G5 don't have Qi. I don't want to deal with cables anymore.

                              Pixel 3 with Sherpa is truly a wireless charging solution. Guess will look for a phone with a glass back with Qi. Another slab before the Surface Duo. Or perhaps only let my Pixel 3 be charged with it like 90% of the time. Didn't realize how useful wireless charging can be until I finally tried it myself. Now I can't live without this feature moving forward.

                                I don't think people will open their mobile physically every time. That era is gone. Huawei and Samsung's designs r more practical

                                  Clamshells are, no doubt, the best phone designs for both pocketability and utilitarian uses.

                                    You know what? Phones used to be huge in the 80s & 90s. Makers found ways to make them smaller & pocketable around the 2000s (e.g. Nokia 3310). Then since 2010s phones started getting bigger again (e.g. Samsung Note 1). By 2020, the average phone would be too large to comfortably hold in one hand & also make a huge bulge in the pocket.

                                    There are two types of customers. Those who have no social life & spend their majority of time on their phones. These type of people want the screens of their phones to get larger & larger. They're the type who want foldable phones to be as big as they can get.

                                    The other type of customers are those that use their phone as a utility, as a means to enhance their lifestyles. They want phones to remain compact & durable. They're the type who would either choose the compact kind of foldables like the RAZR, or avoid foldable phones altogether & go for the regular form-factor in relatively compact sizes.

                                    That's just my personal evaluation on the topic.

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                                      • 01 Dec 2019

                                      My pick is the razr since it's so compact and looks cool. Not everyone wants a hefty, gigantic TV screen sized phone. A lot of us still look for the handy, small form factor which the companies aren't interested in making anymore

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                                        • 01 Dec 2019

                                        AnonD-844557, 01 Dec 2019I don't want a clamshell phone the screen size would be too... morePocketability is a thing you know. People who wear tight pants are very popular and having a big bulge is not only unappealing but it might not be able to pocket a >6.5 inch diagonal phone. Having a 6.2 inch screen that can fold to only 3 - 4 inches is a godsend.